Afri-tunes Wk 90 - "Sawa By Jay Melody" Cover

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Hello Afri-tunes community!
It's another week and Merit is here once to share an African tune, I'm always happy to be able to share African music every week, it's fulfilling and fun.

So for this week, I decided to do the cover of the song "Sawa", a Tanzania song sang by Jay Melody, one of the most talented Tanzania artist and my favourite.

Image designed here

I've sang one of his songs here on Afri-tunes before and I can still remember how much a lot of persons enjoyed the song to the extent that they wanted me to sing it again. Well, I'm hoping this new one I learnt will come out nice for you too hehe.

This song is another love song but my main reason for loving it is the beat, the artist and the progression of the way it is sang. I had a little difficulty pronouncing the language words on this one but I did try my best to learn it for a much longer time.

I'll say you watch the original and also get the lyrics yourlsef, the meaning isn't so sweet as the language say them for me but maybe it's just me so I'm leaving if for you to find out yourself lol.

The main thing is, he is singing about how beautiful and well created his girl is and he loves her alright (sawa).

They say it's a perfect song for summer (dry season in Nigeria) 🤣

I hope you do enjoy my cover of the song as much as I did, and I look forward to sharing more African music. Special thanks to my supporters, those giving me corrections which helps to make my videos come out better and thanks for viewing!!!

Song Lyrics

Mapenzi tu
Nimepagawa hamjui
Ye kila mara ananifanya silali
Namwaza yeye tu
Anayeweka roho yangu juu
Ana utoto tu
Sema uzuri ananipaga asali
Mi nailamba tu

Na penzi letu ni kama sunna
Na ulinzi kama suma
Hata akinuna
Bado unapendeza mchumba
Mkimuona ananichuna
Msinionee huruma
Cha mtu huliwa na mtu
Kutu yake chuma

Full Lyrics source

I had issues uploading video with ecency so I had to upload on YouTube to insert it in this post so I don't have to delete it instead. 🤦‍♀️


I know this song do have great meaning and you sang so well my dear friend

I do wish you well

Well done @merit.ahama. It was nice listening to you once again. You sang so well as usual, and the instrumental was completely in line with your voice.

Thanks so much for listening 🙂

 3 months ago  

Wow... Such an interesting song dear Merit of the most High 😀
You sang beautifully and lovely as if it were your dialect😌
Thank You For Sharing This With Us @merit.ahama

Haha and it isn't even close to my dialect self 😅

WOW 😲. See voice. Where me I dey when God dey share voice.
Weldon dear.

Lol you have a nice voice too na 😅

Of course you'll have difficulties pronouncing the lyrics but you have a wonderful presentation here dear.

Well-done ♥️

Yeah, thanks sis

Honestly, I didn't understand the language but I can feel the base.
Is it in the Nigerian language?

No, it's a Tanzania language

Hive’s favorite artiste 🔥😮‍💨 💃. I could listen to you all day dear🤗

Awww my Comrade 🤗
Thank you so much

Your voice is magnificent. See me dancing even though I no know the meaning. You did justice to the song. Love love the presentation

Hey sis, longest time 🤗
Glad you loved it, I appreciate the feedback ❤️

Wow you really tried hitting those low notes clearly...and learning to sing in Tanzanian language, you too much. I enjoyed this performance 👏

Hehe thanks my Boss in music 🤗
It wasn't easy but I'm glad it came out good enough.

Lol you na boss wey still dey learn work. It was really good enough 😊, keep doing your thing dear ✨🤍

Haha if you still dey learn work, I never start to learn at all 😂

That's an amazing song dear.... GOOOO AFRICA🥰

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 183 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Yay! 🤗
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