AFRITUNES WEEK 111 || Kurukuru (Cover) - Bukunmi Oluwashina

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Hey everyone, I am @theofficialmide and this is my entry for Afritunes Week 111 and I’ll be performing a song titled

Kurukuru by Bukunmi Oluwashina

Today, I'm thrilled to share a special performance with you all a rendition of the beautiful Yoruba song "Kurukuru" by Bukunmi Oluwashina. This song holds a deep significance for me, as it not only celebrates the rich cultural heritage of we Yoruba people but also touches upon themes of love, resilience, and tradition.

As I prepared for this performance, I found myself drawn to the enchanting melody and heartfelt lyrics of "Kurukuru." It's a song that resonates with me on a personal level, reminding me of the importance of staying true to one's roots and honoring the traditions passed down through generations.

Recording this cover was a deeply meaningful experience for me. With each note, each word sung in Yoruba, I felt a connection to my heritage and a sense of pride in showcasing the beauty of Nigerian music to the world.

So, as you watch this performance, I invite you to immerse yourself in the richness of Yoruba culture and the timeless beauty of "Kurukuru." Whether you understand the language or not, I hope the music speaks to your soul and touches your heart in a profound way.

And if you enjoy this song as much as I do, I encourage you to share it with others, spreading the love and appreciation for Yoruba music and culture.

Thank you for joining me on this musical journey and a Big Thank you to @Afritunes for giving me this opportunity… Here's to honoring tradition, celebrating diversity, and embracing the beauty of Nigerian music.


You will stay here with me
O ma Duro timi
Isn’t that what’s you told me ninu oro ajoso
Ife wa de bi
Aye wa da san
Eye re dami ni gi tan, otun fo lo
Oun ti o sonu, taraye n wa kiri
Aye asan oh
Imo mon fo
Okunkun su, okan mi daru
Koyemi mo
Adiye re ba lokun mi
Ara o ro kun mi, Ko ro ediye
Kuru kuru

[Lyrics were written out by me]

Thanks for listening to the end 🤗❤️

Feel free to state any mistakes or corrections that can lead to me improving, I will really like to hear your honest feedback

Thank you for being here, I’m glad to have you ❤️

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Wow your voice is magnificent. I'm delighted
Thanks for sharing this with us.

Thank you so much for listening

Oh wow, I never would have thought anyone would sing this song here🥰 thank you for singing this masterpiece 🤩

Thank you 😂❤️

 last month  

Awesome presentation @theofficialmide
Your singing very captivating, I love the kurukuru" part too, the song makes a lot of sense..
Thank You For Sharing This With Us

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Thank you so much 🤲🏾😁

Keep it up boss

Thank you 😌

Beautiful entry.

Powerful @theofficialmide. You sang with so much passion and that was really amazing. Even though I am hearing the song for the first I enjoyed every bit of it. Well done bro