Still at the docks - Last minute Breakdowns

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Good day everyone, Zak here from a very hot Cape Town, South Africa.

I am very grumpy right now because it has been utter chaos on site and this has caused me to be rather fatigued and I have NOT been able to get my usual program of Hive writing done!

Besides the interrupted writing schedule, there is also a problem aboard the vessel that could have been prevented if only the people in charge had paid attention to what I said in the start-up meeting around 7-8 weeks ago.

It was not even just one issue! There were multiple. I told them about another issue that they also shot me down for and then finally, when the time came to switch on the machines… they could not work because the systems I recommended be checked or changed was faulty.

But that was the prior case.

In today’s case there was merely a discrepancy in their planning, logic and a break of procedure. You see, they had changed a refrigeration compressor but could not vacuum because they do not have a vacuum gauge and vacuum pump. This we found out later was a lie. There is tool cupboard near one of the machines… which contains a vacuum pump!!

I hate to be the guy to say “I told you so.” But… I DID tell them and unfortunately for all of us, they decided that they would go ahead without listening and shot me down 3 times in one meeting in which resulted in me shutting my mouth at this point and letting them carry on.

So, once I reached this point I have stopped giving advice and just do what I know will work. As for the rest, I just comply with orders that are moderately fair.

Anyway, It’s taken me all day to write this short little post.

I apologise for the gap in my regular posting!

Thank you for reading and have a great day!


Hive South Africa


Gosh that sounds really annoying. Can't wait for you to come home!

ahhh welcome to the marine world. I can tell you stories, that was fill a book 😂

I have been working on and off on the docks for around 8 years now.

It does not get much better.

I'll be honest with you, that really doesn't surprise me at all. I realise that your job can and is very demanding and stressful.

But when I look at other countries such as India and what customers tell me, I understand why people prefer to build there than here in Europe, for example

it's cheap and if in the end something comes out reasonably well and works, it will continue that way

I experience this as well... and I am happy that your smart enough to know when its time to just stay quiet and just move on with work. Many many times I realize although we mention to management the obvious, it seems almost 99% dont give a damn until shit hits the fan.

When this happens I as well get upset. However we also learn its just another day, another dollar. :) Thanks for sharing

Indeed and amen.

This is the way.

Awww, sad to hear about these issues that made you grumpy my friend. But you are wise enough to address things like when to speak and not. I believe you could get through it as these had been the problems in ship docks. Take care and best regards!

Thank you! Have a good day!