The copy which is responsible for handling all the subjects often becomes a rough copy, perhaps the same is the case with the head of a household.

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The one who has the most responsibilities, his existence is soon destroyed. Take a rough copy, which has the responsibility of handling all subjects. Soon people ignore him. Exactly it belongs to the head of the family. Nobody knows when he reaches their poor state while fulfilling the responsibility of the members of the house. Conversely, family members who become fit to stand on their feet then try to circumvent such people. Perhaps the trend of overtaking each other has increased. While this should not happen. We do not miss selling a shelter and fruit providing tree, then what to do about other things. This is happening because morality is decreasing in humans. People are becoming opportunistic. While this should not happen. We need to understand that due to wound in the foot, we should not separate the foot but treat it.
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