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Don't forget our environment.

There are certainly very important issues at the moment. War, energy shortages and human rights.

But in all these difficult times, please don't forget the environment.

Pollution will still be with us when this terrible war is over, when we have enough energy and when states stop disregarding human rights.


**HSBI Share Rewards and Planet Token for using rubbish bins correctly

There is a challenge to use the rubbish bins properly. Unfortunately, it happens far too often that people just throw their rubbish, cigarettes or other things on the floor and leave them there.

This rubbish then goes somewhere, but not where it belongs.
You often see green parks in the city where rubbish patches have formed.

If we all dispose of our rubbish properly, we can already beautify a large part of these places without any effort.
In addition, the animals in nature are also better off. It is not there fault, but they eat some of it.

The challenge of @eddwood is about simply showing how to dispose of rubbish properly.
You don't have to write a long post. Just take a picture of how you dispose of your waste outside your own four walls.
Post the picture as a comment under the challenge and you're done.

With a bit of luck, others will see it and do the right thing.
Every waste that is disposed of correctly and does not end up in nature is a benefit for all of us.

Join @cleanplanet ´s communitie cleanplanet.
Help us and win weekly prizes.
Have fun taking part.


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You are right, we should never forget the environment, if we do not save the environment from pollution, then one day we may have to bear its loss, which can be very terrible.

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