The day we saved the DTube Forum 2020

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Today I want to tell you how we saved the DTube Forum 2020 in Hamburg, Germany with the big help of 3 amazing steemians:

Thank you for helping us to save this event!

Save the date: 2020/05/15 - 2020/05/17

What you can expect of the upcoming DTube Forum 2020?
We are going to rent a venue for Saturday where everyone got an open stage to promote their project, platform or community. We will learn a lot of things about steem, DTube, and the whole crypto world.

On Friday and Sunday we will arrange a bunch of exciting activities, create content together, onboard new users around the city and probably will do a big cleanplanet walk together.

How you can help us to create that event?

We 100% rely on your donations, the author rewards of our posts and the help of our big sponsors to make the upcoming event possible. On our OFFICIAL FUNDITION CAMPAIGN:!/ you can find and purchase our backer rewards.

Yes, ticket price is 20 $ so do not hesitate to buy yours right now or give us a little donation!

We are looking forward to meeting you in Hamburg next year! Until then you can get in contact with us in the comments or via our discord server:

your organization team of the DTUBE FORUM 2020

A biiiiig shoutout to our sponsors:

Those awesome steemians already bought their ticket on!/

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GodSpeed 💙 ♬♩

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Great work, and let's hope that Corona does not come in the way, stay awesome.