I Am Alive Challenge (Day 27) : Setting up my biofloc fish project on trial basis

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Hi Dear Friends,
I am here again with another post of #IAmAliveChallenge and #HiveIsAlive initiated by @flaxz

Today I am sharing some projects I have initiated here at my village home. One of the most important one is Biofloc fish firming project. I am very much new in this field. My elder brother has some experience in fish cultivation but he doesn’t have experience in Biofloc. Its latest and new to all of us. Thus, I have studied on it from internet. I am initiating with two simple tank of 1000 litres and 2000 litres for trial basis. After successful completion we may set up at least 4 tanks of 10000 litres each. I want to learn this technique practically. Tank set up work has not been finished yet. After completing the whole, I shall share to this community friends soon later on. Agro, Tree and Fish all are my running projects in this lockdown days. I am happy like every day to participate here. Each morning is very much charming and different here. I like this days very much. I want to live such a way here in this World.Thnaks

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I am lecturer of Textile Engineering in Bangladesh and a newly married husband. I love to share my thoughts and ideas to my friends and community. I want to express whatever I have learn so far in YouTube, DTube etc. I explain Textile, Earning and Cryptocurrency related vlogs. I love to capture Natural Photography. I am always a learner and wants to make huge community here in Blockchain to reach to the moon with Blockchain.
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