The Apex Technology

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Today I am talking about the Apex Technology. That's right, I am taking a break from blockchain and I am talking about the Human Body!

As I was going to bed, I couldn't shut my brain off. I laid there and talked with Stacie D about the human body and the fact that we are simply not floating away.

If you have been following me for any amount of time then you will know that my life is about my individual experience. My spirituality is the number one thing in my life. My feeling of connection to the world around me, and my high consciousness is the journey that I am on.

Anyway, I was laying there talking with Stacie D about the human body and that fact that it is by far the Apex Technology on this planet. Think about it. It performs the simplest yet the most complex functions...without us even needing to know about it.

Think about a couple of things. Our body naturally regulates our temperature. We heat up and cool down depending what our body needs. We even sweat to create a cooler environment.

I'm not even talking about that simple stuff like heating and cooling. I am talking about the complex issue of turning food into body. I eat plant based, so imagine my body tearing veg apart and separating it vitamin by vitamin and mineral by mineral. Then it uses it that to create!

I love the idea so much. Think about it on an atomic level. We appear to be solid, but deep down we are atoms that aren't even touching each other. The energy that holds the atoms together also keeps them apart.

Sometimes I think it doesn't matter how much education we have, or what we think. It is nice that we can slow down, maybe look at our own hand, and realize how complex it is. Maybe question why we are held together the way we are, and just marvel at the way it is holding it's form.

Yikes, I'm not going to get into the idea of reality today, but I think that it is amazing that we even appear to be solid in the first place. The everyday illusion of what we see around us, is being over shadowed the fact that we think we are in control.

Just an idea.

Be well
~The Yeti

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Agreed, it's necessary to ponder our existence so we can grow.

While String Theory is not a proven fact, my rational brain feels that it's currently the best explanation. Everything is vibration, which emits a specific frequency. As each compatible frequency combines in the micro, we see the diverstity in the macro.

The simplicity of the perceived complexity is mind-blowing.

And don't forget how we break down our food for fuel. Our bodies don't do it alone. It works with many separate entities in harmony for mutual benefit. It would be nice if we could achieve this same harmony with our fellow species.

Nice work and visually describing it.

Blaze it!!!

Yes, our bodies are amazing and complex creations... when we are able to get to coordinate mind, body and spririt, we humans can be unstoppable.

That is for sure! We poison ourselves and fight against that. It is hardwork and a journey!