Darn, you forgot the Deleted scene from the TZ CD Set, colorized.

George presses the power button on the Hover Craft, it's low hum lifts the vehicle gently above the dry hot ground. He glances one more time over to the dead man. Before he drives he looks over to Mary, "Now if he had a silver bar the same size as that gold, there would likely be enough atoms of Theta-Ag 53 silver isotope to catalyze the jump drive of a Titan Class Star ship, just a few hundred atoms."
Mary nodded, "And that fellow would have been set for life. George, Did you hear that the Altair 6 colony is now a million people thriving off the power generator only requiring that amount of t-Ag53?"
"Mankind wouldn't have colonized that or all the thousands of worlds we've colonized without it, practically infinite, safe energy. It's priceless Mary, Priceless. That old fool just happened to pick the wrong metal to have." George steps on the accelerator.

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😃😃😃. This was news 2 me!!!!! I will check out asap!!! More 2 come! 🪙

Just exercising my creative urges @geneeverett
The Deleted scene only existed in my Twilight mind.

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Haha nice! I love it!

I just wanted to believe so bad! I let myself go from I love the creativity to omg is this legit! To yes! I gotta watch the DVD!

I’m gonna pretend it’s official ending 😉

You are quite the writer ✍️ 🖤

I haven't watched this show before but my to-watch list only grows. There are a lot of things talked about in regard to gold all the time and it just depends on the person. Surviving is the number one priority most of the time so it depends on the situation.

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Gold is having the best time in it's history. But it's getting way too expensive, that the people can't think of buying it now.

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