Clip Of The Day on FTX & CBDC! Happening Fast! Then Leaving it Positive Vibes With Some Ninrties Favorite Jams from Beastie Boys & NIN🎸🎙️🎶

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⬆️ #ClipOfTheDay from latest No Agenda Episode discussing #FTX & #CBDC with clips backing up everything! It’s fucking crazy how this guys still just out and not arrested. This is some false flag government officers involved shit! It really seems like it was Intelligence Community hands all in this!


As always I wanna leave at with something positive!
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Favorite songs from nineties alternative rock radio week continues 🎙️🎶🎸⬇️




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(I put Fountain Link but search any podcast app you use) it’s a great conversation!




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Intergalactic is one of my favorites

Hells yea! A great Fucking Jam!

FTX was a ponzi and I don't know how the mainstream media can even try to justify anything he did. Looking back, no math or law used at all. I just wonder why people didn't catch on sooner.

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Because the government and media were in on it. how’s he walking free snd doing New York Times Panel next week? He’s tweeting tonight and free. The government is in on this!

Pretty funny end of the show mix.