AM Vlog - Hive/DTube/Blocktrades 10/25/22 + Clip Of The Day & DailyJam!

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Morning Vlog ⬆️
(Talking Blocktrades and ClipOfTheDay!)

I would like to thank blocktrades for what they have done since the steemit days! Just because I’m not happy about this move and I don’t wanna show my passport to continue using doesn’t mean I don’t understand the position They are in and understand 100% why they must do this. Just personally I won’t use anymore unfortunately. But I do thank them so much for all they have done and continue to do here👍 They are a great witness who I will continue to support that way! I just don’t wanna upload more personal info to yet another service.


Anyone know another easy way to exchange crypto for Hive?



Clip Of The Day ⬆️




Clip Of The Day is from latest No Agenda Episode found below ⬇️

Fountain link ⬇️

Or search anywhere podcasts are found.


Lastly we have a year end special Silver 🪙 contest ⬇️
Read details on post below💵

Only 3 people have sent the entry fee so if interested please have in by 11/1/22 (Halloween Night at midnight)

📣 Announcing📣 the biggest, year-end "Closest to the Pin Bonus Contest!📈🪙 5 HBD per Entry! Winner Takes All! Silver Spot Price is The Contest!⬇️

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I won’t use them again either :(
Just not comfortable giving photos of my personal info to a crypto company where it’s not a big boy I can confirm has certain security in place. Totally sucks but there are plenty of ways to move hive in or out regardless. Including trading with friends here. I wanna sell some hive possibly snd will just make a deal with someone friendly here. Good night 😴

At some point you will have to direct me to a decent trade platform. I have yet to transfer anything out. I got some steem just sitting there. I should peak in and see what is coming in.

Yeah it is a bummer; the FEDS want to be able to track our money. Decentralization and taking power out of our governments is essential. I have always said that sale taxes on non-essential items and user fees for those who are high income on roads etc are the way to go and NOT income taxes; it is much simpler and would streamline the whole system.

It's too bad that Blocktrades is doing so but I think it's unavoidable if you are a company in the US. I think it would be dangerous otherwise and I am just glad there are other alternatives.

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100% they have no choice, that’s why I’m not criticizing them. Just hope to see decentralized options build up and become more popular.

Cheers friend

I think it will be tough and I would also like decentralization. However, most people just aren't use to it and we need to slowly get people use to it before we can even consider decentralization taking off. People have kind of lost their focus on privacy because of all the Web2 applications.

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Dear @geneeverett,
May I ask you to review and support the new proposal ( so I can continue to improve and maintain this service?
You can support the new proposal (#240) on Peakd, Ecency, /
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Thank you! is the one I've been using when bt's fees were too high.