The New Closest To The Pin Contest! Repeating The Gold Continuous Contract (GC00) and Last Contests Winner 🪙

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Edit - Unfortunately post has been nuked by curangel so I’ll throw in a HBD outta pocket and it should be about 1.5 HBD.

Yes Let’s Go Gold Contract Again!
Gold Is Hot!

New Contest Is The (GC00) Gold Continuous Contract! Yes again!

Guess The Price (GC00) Gold Contract will be Friday March 31st at close. 📉


Have guess In by Market Close Friday March 24th

Rules/Here’s how it works 👇

  • Comment below and Guess the price you think the (GC00) Gold Continuous Contract will be 3/31/23 at market/contract close.

  • Have guess in within week of posted (3/24/23)

  • Winner gets all HBD author rewards!

  • Upvote Post! (Please register at least .01 value Vote) (At least .01 penny USD for guess to count) if you can’t upvote at least a penny you must send 0.1 Hive or .05 HBD for entry to count. This is for filtering spam guesses.

  • Not price is right rules! (It doesn’t matter if it’s higher or lower to price, just closest wins)

  • If a tie occurs - if posted a full day prior to other guess the oldest guess wins. If it’s under 24 hour difference the prize will be split 50/50 but given contest size this won’t happen often if ever

Cheers and good luck my friends 🍻 Have a great weekend 👍


Last Weeks Winner! ⬇️ 🪙🙌🪙🙌🪙

Gold Contract Contest Guesses ⬇️

@jfang003 - $1950.00
@fw206 - $1922.15
@geneeverett - $1909.99
@borsengelaber - $1888.00
@davedickeyyall - $1855.00
@silverd510 - $1852.60
@thefed - $1840.00
@kerrislravenhill - $1839.58
@methodofmad - $1812.00

Gold Contract Price
at 3/3/23 5pm Close ⬇️

Previous Contest Winner
with guess of $1950.00 is
@jfang003 🍻🪙👍💵


Now we go again! Same item! Let’s go!


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Thanks for the rewards. I think I'll just try the same number to see if I am lucky.

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With Credit Suisse on life support, it can't help but go UP!
Unless the CRIMEX changes the rules again.
Spidey sense tingling...
$1999.99 smash back down by a tidal wave of commercial paper shorts late friday night.

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New guess price excepted 🙌👍🪙

I'll venture a guess of $1925.

Please read rules in post friend👍
For guess to count ⬇️


What the hell? Who downvotes a Fucking contest post!

It wasn’t personal, and shouldn’t be a pattern but yea it’s annoying on this post given it’s prize money!

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Yo every time you edit we get tagged. Probably wise to tag everyone after you get it right :)

Keep complaining punk 😂