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Today I found out about and decided to do another garbage cleaning on the mountain. I do this every few months, as it builds up from people visiting the river. Luckily there was less today, probably because it is wet season.

I took a quick dip in the river to rinse off in the middle, before hiking back up the mountain with a bag full of garbage. Great workout, great content, and great for the planet. Win win win.

Definitely check out, and make a donation if you like their work!

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So great !
Many thanks for what you do my friend...
Nature is so beautiful

Thank you guys for the awesome project! I have a friend who is a tour guide, and who does this kind of cleanup all of the time. Now that I see how it works, I'm going to get him set up on hive and documenting his efforts with Clean Planet. I'm sure he'll appreciate the recognition!

Excellent !!!
I am waiting for him and others!
More we are, better is the impact!
Grettings !

Feel free to mention @cleanplanet in your text...
To be sure i see you ...

Got it! That is what I missed. Maybe update the instructions on your website to specify that...

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