You're wearing your wrist protection backward.

shit thats why it feels so awkward

It gts harder to do this stuff as we get older. I have so many scars lol

Yea kids can do it much better, we are too tall. I’m so scared to even try lol

Lol... I can't even get on the board balanced even!

Cuando uno se propone, nada es imposible, todo se puede, gracias por compartir.

Hey Joy, have you tried doing an old school ollie?

what’s that? Different than normal Oli?

You cant really ollie on that board. Check out old school ollie on any search engine and you can try that out ;) let me know how it goes!

Good effort regardless. Keep it up!

DTube Casey Neistat :)

You've got a strong spirit Joy! I like that! Ollie on a penny board is really hard cause penny boards are so small! I would recommend you keep riding a lot until you feel comfortable enough and then you can try the old school ollie or "earlygrab" that @psyo suggested ;)

Awe brother, I never knew it was called "earlygrab" too, thanks for the info. Hoping to get some dank clips skating this week, will post some vids when I figure out why my 3speak link won't work.

Yo bro, definitely check out Skatehive, it's a skateboarding community on Hive! You can share your post in our community and get plenty of support from other skaters, an upvote of 0,60$ and of course meet other like-minded people!
Here is the link :

Nice to see more skaters on Hive bro! SkateHive is getting HUGE!

Penny seems more difficult, hope I'll figure it out, maybe learn to lift the front wheel first, to ride over some obstacles.

That's a good one to practice.
Just take it easy and enjoy the learning proccess! When your body feels comfortable enough to ride you will be amazed about all the stuff you can do! Riding is the most essential part.
Lean your knees when you ride and feel the board at your feet.
As Bruce Lee said "Be as water my friend".

Thanks for all the advice!

My Pleasure 😁