Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse || The Ferryman || Chapter 9

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Siddhartha spoke with ecstasy; deeply, this enlightenment had delighted him. Oh, was not all suffering time, were not all forms of tormenting oneself and being afraid time, was not everything hard, everything hostile in the world gone and overcome as soon as one had overcome time, as soon as time would have been put out of existence by one's thoughts? In ecstatic delight, he had spoken, but Vasudeva smiled at him brightly and nodded in confirmation; silently he nodded, brushed his hand over Siddhartha's shoulder, turned back to his work.
In this first chapter, Siddhartha decides to spend time with The Ferryman and to learn from the river. He then meets Kamala and also says goodbye to her.
Siddhartha is a novel by Hermann Hesse. The original version written in German was published in 1922. I am reading the translated version, which you can find on The Gutenberg Project. The novel falls under the philosophical fiction genre. It is the story of Siddhartha who goes on a spiritual journey of self-discovery.
Title: Siddhartha
Author: Hermann Hesse
Translator: Gunther Olesch, Anke Dreher, Amy Coulter, Stefan Langer and Semyon Chaichenets
Project Gutenberg:
Back Picture: Photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels
Video Tools: CrazyTalk 8, Movavi, Pixaloop

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I read this such a long time ago. Now, I will listen to it from the beginning read by you! have to get it on my phone...

Yes, when I read that he was German, I immediately thought of you...
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