Street Skateboarding in Thessaloniki (Part 2)

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Nothing feels better than a Street Skateboarding session right?


Me and the crew skated a couple of street spots and it felt so f*cking awesome to skate new spots.

The first spot was a small but challenging road gap and managed to get away with a couple of sweet tricks.

Our next destination was a street ledge on a bridge! The flatground was not our friend as it was super crusty BUT we killed it, especially my homie Banis with that sweet Noseslide to Crooked!


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Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends, means a lot.
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Skaters : Alekos, Banis, Haris

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Damn Bro , Brother that good 360 flip, and that wall to slide looks very good brother, noseslide bigspin out was very good.

Thanks G. There are a ton of spots here so I will be sharing a lot of footage.
Stsy tuned bro


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