Drawing Lola: My Digital painting of Lola with Autodesk Sketchbook

in DTube8 months ago (edited)

Here is my digital painting of Lola, our British Cream Golden Retriever. Created with Autodesk Sketchbook and the Apple Pencil on my iPad.

I really like all the different brushes on this app. Doing lots of experiments with my NFTs .

Watch on YouTube:


A beautiful rendering.

I used to wonder how it does turn out until I started painting digitally.

Yes. I love making these Timelapse movies with Sketchbook… I earn way more with my Dtube and YouTube videos than anything else these days. Luckily there is VYB, POB, and Waivio too.

I am going to try posting via Dtube, probably in my subsequent painting. Will see how it goes.

Nice art, and nice dog 😊 love it!

:) awww, what a sweetie. I really like to watch how u added color to it..

Muy bueno tu trabajo, y la forma en que funcionan esos programas es asombrosa. En un tiempo estuve interesado en esos programas que te permiten pintar pero despues se me olvidó la cosa. Saludos