WTF is going on with STEEM governance?

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My 2 year anniversary which happened today, is now ruined by Steemit Inc's actions in the last few hours. In my opinion, this is something illegal that Steemit Inc and exchanges have done. Exchanges that are (mis)using customers' deposits for malicious purposes on the Steem blockchain should be held accountable.

Shame on you Binance, Poloniex and Huobi!

p/s: @gtg I like your running version 😅

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Illegal, probably not, as these exchanges are all Chinese and there is no rule of law in China.
Immoral to use customer funds in this way, yes.

Stupid, to piss off the community and the witnesses who run all the important DApps etc, double YES.

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Thank you very much for your input!

I have no dog in this race myself, I'm simply curious: why do you think this is illegal? Which laws are being broken, in which countries?

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I'm not a lawyer (nor I'm a qualified one), but I think that customers that have their STEEM deposited on these exchanges that could not get their funds out might sue them

This post was written by an actual lawyer from @jpbliberty

How is that illegal? I am not for anything that is going on on both sides but what they old top 20 did was no different.

They never took the community's opinions they took only their own. So I am kinda on the fence on this

They were voted into their positions by the community though, the community could have voted them out in place of witnesses with different views, what steemitinc just did was essentially a tyrannical take over. They removed the choices from the community. They can say all they want to that they're being fair but if they pulled this to stop something they didn't like without support from the community then most likely scenario would be they'll do it whenever they see fit, community be damed.

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The exchanges used customers' funds to vote

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How is it illegal?
Was it not illegal what they were doing?
They tried fuking him over and got bumraped themselves
Whos side you wanna be on the monkeys that tried and failed or the big guy who showed em how its done

The monkeys that run all the DApps we use and do most of the development etc or the big guy who thought he could buy a community that thought it was on a decentralised platform.

Choose the lesser evil lol

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