DTube Go - how it looks now

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Hey guys - I get a few questions about DTube Go so I decided to show you the current iteration in this video. Also I explain what is still needed for the first release. If you have any suggestions let me know!

If you wanna be in the betatester group feel free to contact me on discord: tibfox#1337 or ping me in the general chat of the Dtube Discord: https://discord.gg/pXeuqNA

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Hi friend!
Exactly on 30th July 2021 there was vote support for #Dtubeapp title from DTube official ( DTube ToGo, DTube Go, DTube Mobile and DTube Everywhere) 46% people voted for #DTube Go
But it seemed like something was missing.
Now short form D.GO and logo fulfilling that missing gap..
I am happy with the current status of DTube.. curious to use Dtube application..
Thanks for update.
Happy Thursday.

It is looking very cool
And love the "Moments" feature
And the checkmark
Love love - Ok, I should really get back to DTubing, right? haha
Great job @tibfox & DTubeLeaders

yo buddy !! i'd love to test it out .... cheers buddy

coooool - I wrote you on twitter :)

very nice

Glad you like it :)