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RE: Mother-in-Law's Emergency | The Average Venezuelan Hospital Experience

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And is the stuff our daily routines are made of. An utter descent into madness. I hope that we can throw this imbeciles in charge into these places and have them locked in there for the same amount of time they've been in control of everything.

I hope a crisis like this doesn't come up again. It's the worst of the worst to be powerless facing these situations.


It is indeed. I agree with you. Part of the punishment for their crimes should be to subject them to the kinds of penuries they have imposed on the people they swore to protect and uplift.
Of course, it plays against any attempt to do justice that most of their followers, even if they go through hell, they seem to go willingly and happily.

 3 months ago  

Well, dumbness is a human behavior. I don't think that's never going away. Neither the cliques claiming power in this country. Hopefully, these pests will get all their due in time.