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RE: Mother-in-Law's Emergency | The Average Venezuelan Hospital Experience

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Terrible stuff that you had to go through! The hospital looks like one from a horror movie, not somewhere you actually have to go.

It’s wild you have to go to the lab or pharmacy across the street instead of inside the hospital itself. It is indeed socialism run wild like the other person commented.

Hopefully it wasn’t a stroke she had! Has she lost any motor functions or gait? Hope that it improves and you never have to go back to that place, it seems like it’s just a death center sadly.


It is, and we saw quite a few shocking cases.
I will try to post an update later today.
SHe recovered quite well, actually. Her motor function seem ok, although she has been having lapses and has been a bit off with time and places.
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That’s good! She might have had a TIA which is a miniature stroke but usually doesn’t have long lasting effects. That’s what it sounds like to me!