Two Week Break

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Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today I wanted to catch up on writing after a really long two week break while on vacation!


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Two Week Break

It went by quick as hell, but I took two full weeks off of writing posts!

Granted I had a post scheduled every day that I was on vacation but it was a blessing and a curse at the same time. Writing this post now, it feels both good as well as bad. I selfishly enjoyed a little bit of a break from posting LOL but like anything with opportunity cost, you partake or get left behind. I choose to partake!

We recently went on a wonderful vacation, which I have loads of pictures from, and it was great! We explored all kinds of places as a family and it was a really positive thing - particularly because I made it a POINT to not be in a bad mood when I was on vacation. I have had some challenges recently where I am just simply an idiot and in a bad mood. It's difficult to definitively point to what causes it, but sadly it does occur. Thankfully though, with the vacation that we took, I had none of that bullshit and we had a great time.


We took hundreds of pictures that I'll be organizing over the next few days and getting posted to the chain but it was a nice break, and a nice break from writing. I was putting in overtime to write and get things appropriately scheduled so that everything when I was on vacation would continue. Some think this is a bit of a bullshit strategy focusing on rewards but I made sure to just get the posts out there and instead spend my time on chain commenting on people who stopped by my post, and visiting a few posts of others to make sure I didn't ignore the chain entirely, and kept up with the engagement!

I think this strategy of not formally writing a post was a good one because I had the chance to let my creative side take a rest and recuperate, which isn't always possible. I certainly feel refreshed but it's like anything you take a break from, it takes a little bit to get back into the swing of things and get into the rhythm again. I have a few posts already in draft from when I was there, though not formally written, and plenty of other post ideas written in my note app for when I can get to them but it was a great break overall.


The really cool part about it was that I worked from the hotel for a week and we took the second week off. This gave my wife and son an opportunity to have TWO weeks of pure vacation bliss, going around to visit parks and do fun things outside and get some sun and relaxation. It's definitely one of the best things about working remotely, and doing home-schooling where we can just up and go wherever we want for a few weeks and the only thing we have to worry about is bringing my work laptop and school work with us.


The only thing that I had an issue with on vacation is sleeping LOL we all shared a bed and that was a fun adventure. Now that we are back home, we are all catching up on much needed sleep in our own beds at home! It's certainly a good thing to complain about, because otherwise it would be kind of silly!

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Hey, welcome back!

I think it was a very good strategy to have articles in advance. It keeps you from breaking your "mental" streak and it's good for morale. I often set myself goals where I try to hold on as long as possible. For example, to learn English, do 5 minutes every day. And if I miss 1 day, I feel really bad. However, the Earth was spinning before and will continue to spin afterwards, so there's nothing to feel bad about. But I totally understand that you want to continue your series.

What's more, it's kept me reading. I haven't followed everything, of course, but it keeps the flame alive. It's a bit of a business where you always have to plan for the future.

Anyway, welcome back!

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Thanks man, it was a great little break! It's always a little bit of a struggle to get back on the horse at the end but it comes in due time.

That's okay that you take a day off from learning, we can't always be firing on all cylinders in the brain so even if it's missing 5 minutes, that's still acceptable. We just have to make sure that it doesn't become a habit that's all!

Totally agree with what you say yes, thank you for these thoughts full of wisdom!

 last month  

I like the way you announced in writing that you didn't write for two weeks by writing two weeks worth of content ahead of time.

 last month  

Isn't it wonderful how we announce taking a break from something by doing extra work to make sure that things continue even though we are taking a break? It's a wild time!

 last month  

I've never been an exceptional planner. Ever. Anyway, tell me about Flo-rida.

 last month  

Gators, lots of gators. Fed some! Had a great time though, sunshine, pool and time off work, what more could one ask for?!

 last month (edited) 

I know this one! Hard boiled eggs pickled in pepperoncini juice.

Did you todays date is a palindromic nunber?

 last month  

That's dope! I didn't know that, and what better of a day then to celebrate it with a little smoke! Lol.

How are you doing man? Doggo keeping you busy? Pura doing good?

 last month  

I'm not even gonna edit that last one. Proof how much I been celebrating..

Haven't stopped waking up yet, that's cool. Atlas.. Heck yeah, non-stop. Pura just had an attack like less than a week ago actually, fuckin bummer, first bad one in probably half a year. Hard to watch those.

She's tougher than me dude.

Creative recuperation is wonderful, I think taking a break is often underrated in the modern world but this can be a great way to end a cycle and begin a new one where you come in better and more prepared to handle the challenges ahead.

 last month  

Yeah for sure! We have to make sure that we take breaks here and there. We are always on the go, doing this and that constantly, always striving for more. It's important to take a step back, as difficult as it seems! This was a nice break for sure, thanks for stopping by!

Not writing was able to help you recharge your creativity. If one takes a break, the person will be able to recharge fully and I’m sure that is what has happened to you…

 last month  

Yeah it was nice taking a bit of a break. It's a little tricky getting back into the swing of things but that's okay and normal. Just gotta make sure I don't get lazy now haha

the 1st photo is my love!! just a miracle! I'm waiting for other photos!

 last month  

Thanks! :D I love sprinkling some of my photos in every post, nothing is from the internet anymore. Helps me also refresh myself on the photos!

Just like that, a break is a must because it relaxes our mind and we are also very happy after seeing the scenic view you share with us.

 last month  

Indeed! Breaks are important, and even better when they are in a really nice area!

Yeah I totally agree with you.