A traumatic state of mind: My crazy ordeal


I can't seem to wrap my head around why people just wake up in the morning and decide to hurt others and render them useless. Like why the hell will bringing pain to others give someone joy? Sometimes I just wonder if some people have conscience at all.

The past few weeks have been so traumatic for me. As a salary worker, one would always look forward to month end where we will dance to our banks for the job we have worked for. While others danced to the bank, mine was not the case. I had gone to work on the 2nd of August and was glad when while at work, I received my pay.

I quickly brought out my pen and paper to write down the things I would spend from the money I had just received. I told myself that while leaving for home, I will branch the grocery store to pick one or two things I will need too.

Work had closed and I was happy to leave. I got into a public transport and was just looking around when the driver said he wants to pick up another passenger.

This was a very small vehicle that accommodated three persons at the back and two persons in front. I got angry at why the driver wanted to add one more person to us at the back. I was already being squeezed like sardines. Adding another person will mean that I will suffocate before I get to my destination.

He told me that if I couldn't stay at the back, then I should come to the front. The person that sat close to the door refused to come out so that I will come down. He unwillingly did while I came out.

I didn't know that while I was struggling to come down, he had collected my phone and immediately dropped too. Immediately he dropped, he ran away.

I didn't notice anything because my mind didn't go there. On our way, I just remembered my phone and searched for it. But I didn't see it. It then dawned on me that, that was the reason why the passenger ran away. I quickly alighted and headed for the nearest ATM to withdraw my money.

Lo and behold every penny was gone.
Like what? I stood there in shock.
How the hell did this guy do this so fast? He cleared my account and left me totally broke.

I ran to the closest bank branch and narrated what happened. Since it was the close of work already, they just blocked the account and asked me to return the following day which I did. I asked the customer service agent to trace where the money went to, but she couldn't. She explained that it was withdrawn through POS.

How did the boy get my pin code in the first place?

I got to know that through the alert in your phone, these hackers can figure out the remaining digits and that's why it is advisable to always delete credit alerts from your phone.

The month just started and isn't even half way yet. I hope I pass through this damage pending when the next salary comes. I have to endure at this stage and manage whatever I see to survive till month end.

But then again, how do these thieves sleep at night knowing fully well that they just ripped some one off their happiness? It is indeed a crazy situation


Terriffic experience. This is so sad. I am sorry as i know what it means to loose a full months salary. But the thief was so fast and tricky. Hoping you somehow manage and survive this horrible experience.

I know its nothing but i said sorry with 5 Leo.


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What a very sad experience and sympathetic aswell,I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that,this is where the need of having a bank code that helps you block the account immediately is necessary before the robbers would have their way on.I've had such experience but was lucky to have locked the account before it was tampered with.

Just as you work to earn others work to frustrate others hard

I am sorry for your ordeal. I understand how this feels because I was in a similar situation a couple of years ago and one of the reasons I am grateful for my vehicle. It has indeed saved me from so many ordeals like this one. Hope you recover quickly from this. Take care.

Thank you so much for your concern. It took me a while to get over it. I am fine now.

I hope karma catches up with the thief soon too.

Oh wow...that was so fast of the robber. I'm so sorry for your sad ordeal, it's a painful situation I hope no one experiences.

A terrible situation. I am over it now.

Thank you for your kind words

So sorry for your experience dear.

It's quite painful.

Thank you so much for your kind words

 6 months ago  

That’s an awful thing to have to deal with! Sorry to hear that but sadly these days I’m not surprised. I just know that karma will get back at the criminals who do these things. If not then we are doomed!

Thank you so much for your kind words. I believe so much in karma. It will surely catch up with the thief