Having a hard time being on hive

Hello friends,

Been a minute here and every time I show up here after a long while, it feels like I am in a new space.

When I first joined hive, I was so excited about showing up everyday. I would connect with other people and write articles ahead to meet up with my target of posting every single day.

Gradually, the feeling died down and I realized that I was struggling to catch up with my daily showing up target. At a point, I just dammed the feeling and started showing up like two or three days apart and then finally I would vanish for up to two to three months and return again.


Whatever was the reason till now, I cannot fathom. I realized that a lot of my buddies had left the space a long time ago too. Some got too busy with work and couldn't keep up again while others just lost interest in the block chain. I fall into the latter category because I can't even say why I am barely here.

Hive before now felt like a job for me. Of course I had the purpose of making money. Was I making money? Well, yes to an extent but not as much as I wanted to sort out big projects. It actually solved some minor immediate needs at some point.

Right now, I want to be focused on hive again. One thing hive has helped me do is make me knowledgeable. I have learnt from different people all over the world and it feels like not being here makes me miss so many things that would have added to my knowledge.

But the big question is how long will I get back here before I run away again? It gives me hell of a problem. I am someone that losses interest in stuff easily.

Sometimes I wonder if there are persons like me who losses interest in doing something so fast. It is not like they cannot do it actually.

When I start a thing, I put in my 100% in it and ensure that I am successful whilst at it. But as time goes on, it feels like someone just poured water to quench the burning flame. It is crazy sometimes. I can't help it.

Could it be that maybe I am not pushing myself so hard as I should, or is this just how I am wired?

People who show up here everyday, please how do you do it? I mean showing up 365 days is not easy at all. I must give you all who do it some flowers because you all deserve it.

I know someone who wakes up 2am every single day to write a post and publish. He shows up here every day like his life depends on it.

Even though I see it as not necessary I must confess that his level of determination is totally out of this world.

I look forward to be that committed, determined and focused.
I will really appreciate an advice here on how to stay motivated here. I always want to show up and I need to know how to

Thank you for reading.


I have been there before. I think that a lot of us here have experienced that before.

Around May last year, I got a job that made me drop hive and that was because of the job's rule, I wasn't meant to use my phone while at work. It was crazy because it was a 6 a.m. - 8 p.m. job.

There are days I have lost all motivation.

If I remember correctly, I think it was around August last year I returned to the hive and got very busy again.

Well, the part where you said hive helps sort out immediate needs, is true.

I have big projects as well and what I am currently earning can not sort them out for me.

But I am hopeful. that with time, I can start earning more.

I post every day on Hive now.

Now that you are back, you can just start posting once or twice until you can post more often.

Also, engagement is key here, just as I was told.

Oh wow... It is the motivation to stay focused that I need right now. I will stick to your idea of showing up once or twice. That way, I don't feel so pressured to want to show up everyday. I think with that I will gradually start showing up everyday.

Thank you for your advice

Yeah, you will🙂

It's never too late to ignite the fire. This is very relatable as life tends to get busy and I spend less time here. But no worries, I try and don't beat myself up about it.

I agree that life tends to get busy sometimes.. It is the case of the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak😂.

I like how you don't get yourself so worked up with it too. I think that's my problem here, I tend to beat myself up about not showing up and that makes me even lose interest the more....

I will try to ignite the fire. Thank you for your words of encouragement

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 3 months ago  

Sorry my response is delayed!

Hive is a great thing and what’s also important about it is that you don’t have to dedicate every waking moment to it. You should find a routine and stick with it. I typically will check it in the morning and in the evening. Most of the time during the day I’m doing one thing or another and can’t be on it but I also shouldn’t be on it. If you give it some dedicated time and try to stick with that it might become a good routine again.

As well - treat it like an investment. Don’t drain it all the time and watch it build. That’s what I’m doing and many others are because we believe in the platform but also want the investment to grow. If we drain it down to nothing all the time you won’t get anything out of it more than what you do. With the investment I’ve made in the platform, I’m making 7-8 hive per day just in curation rewards. Yes it took 5.5 years to get there and some personal investment of other crypto and time but you won’t get rewards if you don’t put in the effort.

Hopefully you can figure out a system that works for you, but make it periodic and not something all-day!

Hive is Hard
It is easy to start feeling isolated, ignored and under appreciated.
Excitement can easily turn to disappointment, love to hate.
I think you need interaction to stay interested and emotional, intellectual and economcal rewards to stay passionate and motivated.

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