Last night was like a nightmare

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After a hard day at work, it is expected that one returns to a good sleep to regain strength and at least rejuvenate for the next day.

My day yesterday was so hectic that I couldn't wait to get home and land on my bed. In fact that was the only thing on my mind while I was on transit going back home.

I got home after what looked like a crazy traffic. Thankfully my mum was there to help with taking care of my child while I got myself something to eat and have my bath.

By the time I was done by 8pm, my little one was fast asleep. I tucked her in bed and went to gist with my mum for few minutes before I retire to bed.

I realized my head was banging at that time and I just took a glass of water and went to bed hoping to be fine by the time I wake up in the morning. I guess some times, life just looks at us and laughs at how we plan things knowing fully well that it won't be as we plan. Crazy right?

Well I landed on my bed at around 5mins to 9pm. Only to be awaken by my landlord's dogs who didn't let me sleep all night. Imagine being down with headache and having to endure the crazy barks from these two horrible dogs. My daughter was waking up in between because of the noise. Me on the other side couldn't sleep at all.

I tried all the methods to sleep but it proved abortive. The headache felt like it was increasing. These dogs that was sent to give me a nightmare kept barking from 11pm till 4am.Whatever I did to deserve this kind of punishment is what I cannot explain.

I was so angry but couldn't do anything to help myself. And there was no light too. So imagine having headache, sweating and then having to deal with the barking of dogs. I saw hell last night I tell you my friends. I prayed and prayed for these dogs to shut their mouths but the more I was praying, the more their barking was increasing. As if they planned a barking competition last night.

My tired face this morning

4 am for me is when I wake up to get ready for the day and that was eventually when they stopped barking. I told myself that I would take a one hour sleep time and send a message to the office that I won't be making it in time because I would need to attend to an emergency right away.

I slept and woke up at exactly 6:30am. I felt a little bit relieved. But as it is now, I am going to look for a way to talk to my landlord to keep his dogs shut. Worse thing is that they just go about messing up the whole compound with their poop all the time.

Before it use to be in front of my door when they came in newly. Thankfully it is no more in my space. They now do it in front of my neighbour's house who lives downstairs.

These dogs needs to know their lane and stay in it. My day is ruined already because since I didn't get enough sleep it sure will affect my energy.

Thank you for reading


It happens sometimes that we cannot sleep for whole night. You must be tired from the day routine. I can relate with your story, when I go back to home and there dogs bark so hard that disturb my sleep. I hope you are feeling well now?

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I just managed to take a nap in the office ... I am better now.
Thank you for stopping by

Sorry about your experience. Living in the same compound with dogs that bark at night can be frustrating. Especially if you aren’t used to sleeping with loud noises. I know some people who can sleep through such barks. I on the other hand can wake up with a little whisper or sound of movement because I am a light sleeper. Sorry again, I hope you get some sleep today

I am a light sleeper and once I wake up, it takes me hours to go back to bed. Sometimes before I sleep again, it is already morning.

Well, I got a good sleep today. Thank you for stopping by

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Sorry about that.
I guess they saw something hence the noise.
My neighbor's dog alart us when it see stranger around.

They didn't see anything. They just want to frustrate me😭...

Well yes dogs can be helpful too because their sight is so sharp. Whatever they saw shouldn't have been there from 1am till dawn.

Yay! 🤗
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It can be so frustrating having to deal with so much pressure and stress during the day and getting back to your home where of course you should get some rest and comfort only to be met with some more stress.

And if you're not much of a deep sleeper, I can only imagine the horror. You definitely should have some talk with the landlord. One cannot tell dogs when to and when not to bark but maybe something can be done.
I'm sorry about your experience.

It can be so frustrating having to deal with so much pressure and stress during the day and getting back to your home where of course you should get some rest and comfort only to be met with some more stress.

That's the worse feeling ever. More worse because I was helpless at that point in time.

We have a meeting this weekend to discuss this issue. Because thankfully, other neighbours too have had enough. I hope it is fruitful a d satisfactory the end of the day.

Thank you for stopping by my blog🙏

 3 months ago  

Umnanaged dogs are such a pain! They cause a lot of issues. That’s one thing I’m grateful for where we live there aren’t any dogs in my immediate area to do crap like this.