Horlicks gone too far

Last weekend I was in the shops and came across some new limited edition Horlicks. I don't know how popular Horlicks is around the world. For those not familiar with it, it's a malt drink made with water, or milk for a richer taste. It was a popular drink when I was growing up and often drank as a hot bedtime drink.

I'm always very suspicious when I see limited edition products. Calling a product "Limited edition" makes it sound very exclusive creating a sense of fomo, and everyone will rush out to buy it. In reality, what it's really saying is "we got this new weird product and we don't know if will sell. To avoid it being a total flop, we're going to call it limited edition so all your idiots will rush out to buy it."

Banoffee pie

This is a British dessert though many think it's American. The name Banoffee is a combination of the two main ingredients - banana and toffee - hence the brown packaging. The dessert itself has a biscuit base, then a layer of caramel/toffee, followed by a layer of sliced bananas, and finished off with whipped cream. Sounds delicious, right? But as a malt drink? I have images of myself choking to death from banana and caramel.

Apple pie

Moving onto the next one, apple pie Horlicks. Apple pie needs no introduction, it's one of UK's most loved dessert and also very popular in Europe such as Poland where I found out on my recent trip. I love a warm apple pie with a vanilla ice cream on the side. Or a cold apple juice in the summer. But a hot apple malt drink? Nah! I'll pass on that.

Cherry bakewell

This is a truly English classic. Bakewell is the name of a town in the Peak District, highly recommended to visit if you're ever in UK and love the outdoors. Bakewell tart is one of it's famous product. It has a shortcrust pastry base, a layer of jam, then it's filled with frangipane, a mixture of a ground almonds, butter and sugar. A cherry Bakewell has an addition layer of icing on top of the frangipane and is finished off with a cherry on top. As a dessert, I stop at Bakewell tart as I can't stand icing. I mean I like sweet stuff but I don't like eating mouthfuls of sugar. Imagine how sweet the cherry Bakewell horlick will be !! They even had to use a red packaging to remind consumers of the sickly sweet cherry.

I just can't get my head around these flavoured Horlicks. What is wrong with the good old basic malt flavour Horlicks? I like a cup made with hot milk on a cold winter night, it gives me a lot of comfort. Adding flavour is like a third person coming into my relationship, how dare them?

Anyway, it seemed like these limited edition Horlicks aren't exactly flying off the shelf. Banoffee is the least popular,maybe people think they're going to choke to death like me. And apple pie is the best seller out of the three. Good ole apple pie. Always a favourite.

Would you try these limited edition Horlicks? Which flavour would you chose?

If Horlicks isn't your thing, how about a sweet potato latte that I saw in Singapore some years ago 🫣

Have a great weekend and please stay away from weird drinks.


As someone who absolutely loves Horlicks I'd actually want to try all those out. The apple pie sounds a bit weird to be honest.
The cherry sounds like something I'd want to drink cold,but cold Horlicks? Hmm?
Still want to try it though even if I am skeptical!!😋

A Horlicks fan at last!!!! You are so brave try out the new stuff. I wonder if they will launch in South Africa some time

Haha, it really is a rare thing right!

When I told @misshugo the first time that Horlicks is the best she couldn't believe that anyone could drink that stuff!!

See! @misshugo I was right! I'm not crazy 😜

Laughs! Have a great one @livinguktaiwan!!!

 3 months ago  

If Horlicks is pronounced exactly as it's spelled, that's the best brand name ever.

It is, atleast where I'm from it is. 🤣

 3 months ago  

I wonder what got passed up when they voted unanimously for Horlick? Can't believe they didn't go with Slutsuk or Trampbite.

It's actually the family name of the men who developed/invented/created the drink. And, you may be interested to know,they were in America as well!!!


 3 months ago (edited) 

William, as in Willy Horlick?!? That's horlarious.

 3 months ago  

I hope one of them is named Gaylord somewhere in there. Or Richard.

You guys are hilarious 🤣

we got this new weird product and we don't know if will sell. To avoid it being a total flop, we're going to call it limited edition

That's a really good point.

We don't have Horlicks in Canada as far as I know, maybe in the international section at some grocerystores or maybe a specialty store??? I've never seen or heard of it though. I'm with you, I don't like all of the gimmicky fake flavors that companies love to add to their products. Fake and gross tasting usually.

Sweet potato latte 😂🤣

Sweet potato latte

You like? Coffee connoisseur

Seems like Horlicks never took off across the pond despite the brothers who created it tried to start their business in America in the late 19th century.

I don't know if I would like that latte or not lol. I might try it if I saw it. 😂

Maybe Horlicks is in the U.S.?

Based on the comments here, seems like the Americans aren't aware of it either, nor the Portuguese.

Another interesting revelation from Hive


moving swiftly on

Careful, it could be in your local Poundland!!

Ooer, waitrose here i come!

Ohhh... We have a posh shopper

LOL! I also do Lidl if that helps?

I've never been into Horlicks, so I'm not the target audience. It seems a lot of old favourites are being offered with different flavours these days. Sometimes you can't beat the original.

They're probably trying to catch the younger generation with these creative flavours. But I agree with you, stick to the original

Weird, weird, weird, flavours for a drink. Not sure if these would suit my asian palette. 😬

These are all classic British desserts, doubt they would suit the English palette either!

Haha, your take on limited edition products had me laughing 😄. I totally get the suspicion, but these Horlicks flavors sounds cool.

Thanks for the entertaining read and the warning about weird drinks. Have a fantastic weekend. @tipu curate 10

Thanks for the tip.

So you like the new innovative flavours? Brave 😁

Well, it looks good but I haven't seen/got one yet.

We had horlicks as children many moons ago. It wasn’t the greatest of drinks but there wasn’t much choice back then. I think I might give it a miss. 🙂

Yeah, I passed as well. Sticking to the good old basics

I grew up with Horlicks, the normal strawberry flavour and others like that. Was really a memorable part of my childhood. I, however, don't and I doubt if I want to, understand these "limited" flavours.
Some people might like it though so goodluck to them. Did you buy any?

Strawberry flavour Horlicks? Is that popular in your country? In fact, is Horlicks a popular drink in your country? Trying to guage how far reach it is around the world as it seems like many countries haven't heard of it

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I never knew that brand until now... but since I don't even have the concept of "too sweet"... I would probably try them all! 😁

So you're the guy with the sweet tooth! Next time we see you I will be sure to bring you a bottle 😁

That's why I took your squat challenge so quick: more calories burned allows for more sweets consumption! :)))

So that's the real reason behind it😃

Busted! 😁

we got this new weird product and we don't know if it will sell. To avoid it being a total flop, we're going to call it limited edition

A good sales tactic. I hope it will be successful. These drinks are not available in Türkiye. I have no idea about its taste. But the images are beautiful. I think it has a high probability of being sold.

Personally I quite like malt drink, it's supposed to be quite healthy as well. Maybe Turkey will have something similar, but then you guys are so famous for your tea!

Yes, we as a country love tea. But it is not milky or flavored like the British ones. We love plain tea. I hope I can offer it to you one day.🥰

I still rink Horlicks today and had no idea about the new flavors, but they just don't appeal to me. I don't think it is that well known outside of the UK. I also like Ovaltine. but haven't seen that for years now as it is imported.

We have Ovaltine in UK as well, but I haven't drank that for many years. I think the popularity of Horlicks around the world may have something to do with the British empire as according to wiki most of the countries where it's popular are part of the ex commonwealth countries, particularly in India

That makes perfect sense about Horlicks. I think Ovaltine is Swiss and will be on the hunt for it lol.

I haven't ever tried a Horlicks but if I had to try one of these three it would be the Apple pie. I like your explanation and thoughts behind the label of limited edition, haha.

Interesting choice, I just can't get my head around a hot apple drink, but then I could be wrong!!!

This is how I think about anyone who drinks a coffee that is not well purely coffee!

you mean the sweet potato latte? Apparently these spicy pumpkin latte have become a thing in recent years, it just sounds so weird

hehe I mean any coffee that is not a regular no frills coffee.

I have them once a while. Two months back, there was a bottle in the pantry and i wanted to try but i looked at the expiry date and decided not to. 😎 Shows how popular it is.

ha ha! probably one of those forgotten oldies drink. Was the bottle still quite full?

Yes, the bottle was almost full.

My mom used to buy Horlicks for me when I was a kid and before bed I used to drink it. I won't try any of these flavors. I am not into such flavored drink. I will stick to the original flavor...

Good choice. Do they have them in Netherlands?

Rarely but sometimes some Asian shops especially Indian shops sell them... We can order there if we want...

 3 months ago  

These things crack me up, particularly when companies bring them out and discontinue them, then do it over again and say limited time again. People fall for the same BS over and over lol.

I’ve never had anything like this so I would likely give the apple pie one a try but I am biased, being an American I am very suspicious of ingredients in things like this. What the hell are the “natural flavors” in it? Famous are the beaver anal glands that enhance the vanilla flavor.. lord only knows what else is in these food products lol

I've seen coca cola do that often, bringing out all these limited edition cokes all the time.

I have a friend who is a flavourist, and her role is all about playing around with these chemicals to create whatever flavour these crazy companies want to launch as their next limited edition product

 3 months ago  

That’s cool! You should ask them if they can tell the craziest three things they’ve seen as natural flavors and where it’s from lol I would be interested in that! It’s probably proprietary info though so doubt it.

Lol, a whole post on Horlicks. Hate the stuff and wouldn't try any of them. Gross. I am not a fan of malt drinks though. Jamie likes it, but he's british, and they eat horrible things.

Jamie likes it, but he's british, and they eat horrible things.

Ha ha! But so true, the Brits have a very bland palate

I wonder who came up with these flavours, so weird.


Yes you're right, it's ridiculous! Another excuse for marketing departments to try and justify their existence.

I love banoffee pie, in all its variations but as a flavouring for Horlicks! Really! 🙄

Thanks for sharing.


You never know, you may like the Horlick variation as well 🙃

I've always stayed away from strange drinks and that will continue to be the case. I think the same as you about malt drinks, but on the advice of a friend I'll try something flavored, otherwise the classics are the best. I prefer a classic latte from Nescafe instead of a sweet potato latte :P

the thought of a sweet potato in any drink makes me think of porridge, way too stoogy.

I've never tried it and I don't want to dream XD

 3 months ago  

Banofee pie sounds horrible but I wouldn't mind trying that sweet potato latte, it doesn't sound that bad and besides, I am quite experimental with my coffee😂 just so I know what to avoid haha, like cinnamon pumpkin latte, that's a no for me.

I hear spicy pumpkin latte has become quite popular in recent years, is the spice from cinnamon? And is that what you don't like? The cinnamon. I think the sweet potato latte texture might be similar to pumpkin, I'm not too keen on it tbh

I've never heard of Horlicks. At least in the area of the US I grew up in it wasn't available.

The limited edition thing is funny. Here in Japan there are three products I can think of off the top of my head that are constantly introducing limited editions for a few weeks only for them to disappear forever. Kitkat, coca cola, and yebisu beer. Some of the limited flavors are bizarre. For example, there was a sweet potato kitkat a few years ago, as well as yogurt coke. Bizarre or not, the limited editions seem to be popular enough that they just keep putting them out.

 3 months ago  

I like them all as deserts, but as hot drinks.... Nah, I'm with you, I'll stick to Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Hot Whisky every now and then when it gets proper cold.

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