How to Bypass the Rational Centres of the Human Brain

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The short answer is by activating the adrenal glands through fear and emergency.

On Sunday the 31st of January 2021, Perth Western Australia was given just a few hours notice to enter into the most restrictive lock-down it has yet experienced and the second lock-down after 10 months of no lock-downs.

A few hours gives little time to assess what is actually going on, if it indeed is a rational decision that the government is making; if this decision is based on data or evidence and if that evidence stands up.

Instead it forces people into the 'working together' syndrome (which is not to say we shouldn't indeed work together). However, we must be aware that the fight or flight response has been activated in the human mind and collectively, because we are connected via magnetic fields with the heart and the brain it becomes almost impossible to avoid being caught up in the storm of people rushing to get ready under the presumption of assumed factual assertions of assumed experts via the news media.

Obedience is presumed.

With a single mention of the fear of transmission of the 'new variant' entering Perth via community transmission, even before the lock-down begins, masks are seen being worn by people getting ready for Apocalypse 2.0 .

The level of immediate acquiescence and trust in the assumed authorities and the response to obey in such a small amount of time under the presumption that we must 'work together' to 'save as many people as possible' - is a credit to the psychology of the operation.

It is presumed this is the most rational decision because we all want to save lives don't we? No time to think or debate, just act - this is the data and you must conform - everybody is conforming, why aren't you?

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Here's a quote from an article titled Amygdala Hijack: When Emotion Takes Over:

When stress makes you feel strong anger, aggression, or fear, the fight-or-flight response is activated. It often results in a sudden, illogical, and irrational overreaction to the situation. You may even regret your reaction later.

A psychologist named Daniel Goleman called this overreaction to stress “amygdala hijack” in his 1995 book, “Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ.”

It happens when a situation causes your amygdala to hijack control of your response to stress. The amygdala disables the frontal lobes and activates the fight-or-flight response.

Without the frontal lobes, you can’t think clearly, make rational decisions, or control your responses. Control has been “hijacked” by the amygdala.


Yesterday, I did something revolutionary, I gave a clothes rack to a friend who did not need it immediately and I hugged them without a mask in public.

I am seen as the disease for not simply obeying immediately.

When there is a recent high quality study that wearing masks makes no significant difference in community transmission - we just forfeit our rights to freedom of movement and freedom of association, in the blink of an eye. How does it happen so quickly?

We're not given time to think about it... we're just told that there is an emergency situation and we must act now, it is now the law and you must help others by 'working together'.

I've never in my life observed such level of acquiescence.

Fear of death has always been the girder of society yet I repeat again, this threat is minimal - and while the media spouts cases, cases, cases - we died of things before Covid-19 that were similar to Covid-19 - infact hospitals were yearly over-run with these previously un-pandemicized viruses, it is no secret.

What is the solution? I feel that Perth has only just started on this path, as we've had it so easy for so long. Yet those of us that are aware of the rest of the world's activities have seen the scene play out and now we must sit tight and wait for the people here to get angry enough and lose everything before they finally consider the alternatives to what they are being told.

I've been a shit-stirrer all my life, having been involved in some form of activism for the last 14 years. One example of this is when I organised a protest against the Trans-Pacific-Partnership in August 2015 -



Here is a float I made with one other for the occasion, it was a theatre performance through the centre of Fremantle (just south of Perth).

The facts were there, the data was all correct and there was no hiding how the TPP would negatively effect the Australian people making it possible for American multi-national corporations to sue the Australian government for laws that impinge on profits in an international court called the ISDS unanswerable to Australian law. This trade deal in effect was the handing over of the sovereignty of the Australian people (this of course is under the false presumption that the Australian government is sovereign, which was made evident to me later on in my life).

This would have devastating effects on the public and it would cause these multi-national corporations to have a footing in the creation of Australian law effectively over-riding citizens votes, because a piece of paper was signed by a few people higher up on the ladder of crapitalism.

I first advertised the idea of making a performance art at a gathering of over 400 people two months earlier. The talk was regarding this issue and also regarding a similar agreement with China the government was cooking up called the CHAFTA (Chinese Australian Free Trade agreement). This gathering had a Greens MP who gave some very apt points and he even mentioned our idea for the performance art in his talk, a lot of people agreed with it and were going to attend the first meeting to make it happen.

A handful of people came to the meeting. We had meetings every two weeks until the event, and a handful of people came to those as well (less than 10). When it came time to make the float I had to make it myself with about 2 hours help from one other person. When it came time to get out there, out of 400 people and others that the event was advertised through by a then less restrictive Facebook - 8 people turned up. I pulled two people off the street to help us, people I had met while street performing - three photographers turned up and one Labour MP.

Out of months of organisation and lots of planning the only thing that drove this action was my determination to take it to the end. I did not have masses of support except as facebook likes and indirect agreement.

A couple of weeks later, the Labour Government allowed CHAFTA to go through over some menial clause - the house was unanimous - there was suddenly no opposition in government to CHAFTA. Yet, the Labour MP with us the day of the protest was shouting "NO TPP, NO CHAFTA!"

Now projects over 150 million dollars by Chinese corporations (including many mining projects) could be wholly Chinese owned, they can import Chinese workers under Chinese labour laws, make a Chinese railroad, a Chinese port - all within Australia. They're under no obligation to the Australian people to create jobs or inject capital into the local economy. And if the Australian government makes laws that impinge on profits of these Chinese corporations, they can be sued for doing so in an international court unanswerable to the Australian democratic system.

(Small disclaimer: I am not making a case against China - the media is all over destroying China at the moment. Don't you dare put me in that box. I'm stating how Australians gave up their sovereignty by tacitly consenting to this agreement. And just for the record - I am an 8th Chinese.)

What is the point of an elected government if these are the decisions that the bipartisan dialectical system is making - effectively trading freedoms and securities of the Australian people?

This one experience cemented in my mind -

There is no opposition.

There is one government that answers to one leader in this game and that leader is money.

This one small example of the TPP/CHAFTA protest illustrates the lack of political activeness of the Australian people even when they have something doubtlessly abhorrent to stand up against.

We've all had it so comfortable for so long. What will motivate us to stand?


Meanwhile thousands turn up to a protest to stop shark culling policies after shark attacks.

I love animals and it's great that Australia stood up for that... but fuck, where are our priorities?

I was having a conversation with a friend regarding 'our priorities' and she mentioned that the only thing that will make Australians move is their loss of luxuries. She said, yes, we do care and we will eventually actively rail against the government for implementing these draconian measures but it won't be about the livelihoods of the lower classes that are being threatened and the non-sensical emergency reactions expected of us by the government - it will be the fact that we can't go to Bali twice a year and people will be missing their cheap beer and exploiting a poorer economy for the sake of holiday fun.

I ask Australia to address our inactiveness early - to act early - to put yourselves in a mind similar to that of those protesting against lock-downs around the world and realise that if we don't stand up for our rights now - we may never have them again - not because the government took them from us but because we gave them away in the name of safety.

Australians have the ability to do so much because we have so much and also we have a wonderful spirit that although yes, self-entitled is also self-empowered - we don't like people telling us what to do.

Why the hell are we allowing this medical tyranny to control our lives when the evidence is stacked up against it?

I really do hope Australia that we catch this one before it goes too far. We need to remind ourselves that human labour is the real currency on this planet and as long as we live in a society predominantly dependent on human labour - currency is valueless if we choose to stop participating.

We have the power to turn things around and say 'NO'! I will not simply do what I am told, I DEMAND to see the pure unadulterated data that this life changing snap lock-down is based upon and I will allow myself the time to make my own rational decisions that decide my rights and my freedoms.

It does not mean that I will immediately run out into the public and start flagrantly sloppy kissing, hugging, getting messily publicly drunk and going on a spit spree through the shopping centres in the fruit aisle (can you control your urges?! The government seems to think you can't) - no, it means that I am trusted to make good decisions, because I give myself the right to choose because measures taken around the world are vastly out of proportion to the threat of what is being pushed underneath our noses via repetition and fear in the mainstream media.

The people around the world are standing up to this medical tyranny - and we need to find what motivates the Australian people to do the same.

Let's follow the example of Italy who has recently eased restrictions because enough restaurants and businesses stood up in defiance and opened up. If the people stand together, the government has no choice. The government is under the people and if ever the people are under the government - we need mass civil disobedience.

On an individual level, find small ways to act, to start. Lose the fear of disapproval of others. Lose fear. Remain self-empowered and shun apathy. Have empathy and build from small communities.

Rise up united - we the people as a whole make our voices heard - speaking in concert, 'WE WILL NOT BE MOVED! OUR RIGHTS REMAIN!'

In love,




Stand up Australia and get rid of our fake government that is a corporation run for profit not to look out for your best interests.

psychology of the operation.

How many truth you said here. Amygdala hijack definitely here the case, not just in Australia.

The whole world lives in such global unconsciousness. It is just the feeling the one person can not change anything, so those who even tried to think gave up. It is easier to be in the comfort zone and mould yourself into the requirements of the others.

Thanks for your comment and I hear you. So we must find innovative ways to expose the absurdity of the operation and have lots of conversations.

Meanwhile, we train ourselves to be calm and on a level at will. We're all going to be Jedi masters by the end of this.

Good luck out there!

We're all going to be Jedi masters by the end of this.

At least one good thing hehehe

Well said brother. Unfortunately I think most people have become so used to being steered around by their emotions by propaganda that they don't know any other way. I hope I'm wrong...