Oh! maybe, just maybe, we both are one of those born computer genius and nobody knows this yet. Only, that we are not so greedy, fake and sneaky with our wizardry. Hahahaha

I am a big experimentalist. I like experiments. I already did the homework. I just followed a very simple stratagem to test this new "curation" thingy and see later what the hell could happen. };)

Stay tuned with my next post with the results. Perhaps and you can even include it in your Editorial Cartoons post of the Sundays. LoL

I thought it was a glitch in the hardfork, they really aren't expecting people to go look up post with so many hours left to up vote them are they?

Oh no, nope. However, they certainly could expect we can also "automatize" all the process with our own kind of wizardry in the same way as they are already doing it. Right? };)