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We aim and pledge to have our whole economy based on MUT tokens only, i.e., at one point in the future, we will stop accepting any other payment methods except MUT. We will certainly create different pools to help the community get MUT tokens easily. On that note, lets dive into how MUT will be distributed.



Mutee Utility Token aka MUT will be the only token of MuTerra. You will be able to use it to purchase anything and everything related to MuTerra at one point in time. It will act as the governance token too.
We aim to create high demand for MUT. From using it for all in-game purchases to voting power of a player, MUT will be used for everything and we do NOT intend to introduce any other token.



S.No.CategoryRelease Schedule/Duration
1Airdrop60 months
2Staking Rewards60 months
3Liquidity Provider Rewards60 months
4Team12 months
5DAOVote dependent
6P2E RewardsVote dependent + Formula Based
7MiscellaneousVote dependent + Will Vary
8PartnershipsWill Vary

Total Supply of MUT will be unlimited initially. We intend to have DAO decide whether to limit the supply or not in the future.

This post will be strictly talking about MUT Airdrop and MUT Staking Rewards only.



  • MUT will be airdropped to players based upon the amount and type of MuTerra assets held in their HIVE wallet.
  • Airdrop will happen on a daily basis over a span of 5 years.
  • We will monitor the supply of wild edition cards and might adjust the MUT airdrop after 1st year.
  • Screenshot of your assets will be taken at 2 PM GMT every day.
  • The airdrop will start on the day of Alpha opening ceremony. The date will be revealed in upcoming posts.


Edit made on 8th December 02:30 AM GMT - Common tamer now gives 0.05 MUT/Day instead of 0.

Please make sure all the assets mentioned above are in your HIVE wallet and NOT in your WAX wallet.



  • Staking MUT will give MUT as reward in a depreciating way over a span of 5 years.

  • The 1st year airdrop is aimed to give our early supporters a nice little head start.

  • The Staking rewards you get will be automatically staked to your account. (Only the MUT airdrop will be in liquid form which can also be staked.)

  • Staking rewards will be distributed everyday at 3 PM GMT.

  • Staking MUT will lock your MUT tokens for 4 weeks.

  • Un-staking process will take 4 weeks to completely un-stake, i.e., each week you'll get 25% of the total un-staked amount back.

NOTE : The more MUT you stake, the more Voting Power you will have



May 2034
First meeting of the council, under the supervision of Fiona.
Highest order of business was setting up an adaptable currency system based on the current situation and not the ancient norms.

  • Mutee Utility Token (MUT) is to be a form of bounty on the products most in demand.
  • One "MUT" is the equivalent of a crate of bones and common woods.
  • All mutated materials collected are to be valued in MUT and must be stored in the safe house close to HQ.
The council hence decides to assign 10 MUT for the restoration of Sweetplains’ tower. Top Priority.



Don't forget to invite your friends over to MuTerra! Every time they purchase something, you'll receive 1% of the amount straight to your hive wallet!

Read more about it here : Info on Referral Bonus



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MuTerra is set in a post-apocalyptic world where radiation has killed almost all of humanity and has mutated plants and animals. You, the survivors, are tasked with ensuring that humanity doesn't go extinct by exploring the wild, capturing the mutated animals and taming them.

MuTerra is a TCG + RPG game which will be on HIVE blockchain.

The RPG aspect will deal with explorations, raids, quests and more.

While the TCG aspect will deal with PvE and PvP battles, where you collect NFTs and fight each other to prove you are the better tamer.


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Nice concept!

Let the hype begain!

hmm... I think I'd rather have more MUT airdropped than having it airdropped over such a long period. 5 years is an eternity. although I guess it's beneficial for people who come in late or who hoard assets.

Does this mean the stuff/assets you collect in game will not contribute to airdrops?

The % stake rewards are less than 1%? how much do you need to have staked to receive the .925 MUT per day? Is the amount collected going to compound automatically or will it be liquid?

The problem with giving more MUT airdrop in the beginning is that the new players that come later will have lots of complaint. We want everyone to enjoy the game.

But we did keep it in mind that the early supporters get a good head start through the staking mechanism. If you don't un-stake your MUT, the APR reaches around 2.7K%

The cards that you collect in-game will also contribute to the airdrop. But we will monitor the supply first before deciding anything on it. As for the mutee cards that you capture, they will be giving MUT from the get go.

Staking rewards is 0.925% of what you have staked. It will be staked and compounded automatically.

Wow this looks amazing. Tamers give a lot of MUT I better get more of those!

So glad to hear from MuTerra again! I have not been so active on Discord lately - sorry! - but have always appreciated the extra work the team puts into having us feel engaged while the project develops. I had kind of forgotten about you guys tbh - sorry again haha! - but haven't sold anything I've ever bought or received from MUT so it is a really good day to see this announcement.

I understand about the length of staking. Difficult decision. 5 years is longer than FTX was in business lol and it will be really hard to justify keeping MUT staked for that long, I think. Will be hard to resist just spending it in game etc. But as someone who felt that I got into Splinterlands, for example, at the worst possible time and that all the rewards now go to people who got in earlier, I understand your desire to make all players feel like there are good opportunities. I am not sure if this is totally appealing to me personally, but I do trust you and the team so #countmein!

reblogged with pleasure!


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Staking gives you the voting power you need to decide on many in-game events and also critical decisions about MUT supply, game direction and more.
And yes, we chose a 5 year span to not be unjust to players who join in later. And we plan to be here for far far longer than FTX lol


For waiting for such a long time. I hope this is now the true beginning of this game. I was so scared that the packs in the market got worst down until now I see its going up. Hope this game will truely kick off.

Gonna be staking some MUT from the start... lets go Muterra

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Seems like a decent concept...but unlimited supply of MUT seems like, well, a lot. Ill follow along and try not to get burned. Buying into SPS at almost .80USD/SPS left a very nasty taste in my mouth. Not to mention there as been nothing to "vote" on over there for over 6 weeks...not much to govern it seems.

Ah well, I love to gamble and to game; count me in!