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We aim and pledge to have our whole economy based on MUT tokens only, i.e., at one point in the future, we will stop accepting any other payment methods except MUT. We will certainly create different pools to help the community get MUT tokens easily. On that note, lets dive into how MUT will be distributed.




Mutee Utility Token aka MUT will be the only token of MuTerra. You will be able to use it to purchase anything and everything related to MuTerra at one point in time. It will act as the governance token too.
We aim to create high demand for MUT. From using it for all in-game purchases to voting power of a player, MUT will be used for everything and we do NOT intend to introduce any other token.



S.No.CategoryRelease Schedule/Duration
1Airdrop Post on Airdrop60 months
2Staking Rewards Post on Staking Rewards60 months
3Liquidity Provider Rewards60 months
4Team12 months
5DAOVote dependent
6P2E RewardsVote dependent + Formula Based
7MiscellaneousVote dependent + Will Vary
8PartnershipsWill Vary

This post will be talking about the remaining points of the table.



  • Initially, we plan start with only swap.hive-MUT pool.

  • We MAY reward players for providing liquidity to that pool.

  • LP rewards in MUT will be automatically staked to the account which provided the liquidity.

  • The date of creation of Liquidity Pool and distribution of LP rewards, if any, will be announced in a separate post.

  • There are some things to consider -

    • There is no wait period for taking out MUT or swap.hive from a pool unlike staked MUT which takes 4 weeks to un-stake.
    • You get a percentage of fee collected during swaps.
    • There is always a possibility of impermanent loss

What is a Liquidity Pool?

In layman's terms, let's say you put in 2 tokens of equal $ value in a bucket together. Let's call them token A and token B. Now if someone wants to take 10$ worth of token A from the bucket, the person will have to put back 10$ worth of token B.

Now you decide to take out your tokens from the bucket. You might find one token to be more than the other but the $ value you had put in initially will be the same (if its less, its called impermanent loss). So what did you get for putting the tokens in the bucket?
Every time someone uses the bucket, they pay a small fee to you. And sometimes, there are additional rewards given out to people who add both tokens to the bucket.

So, the bucket is the Liquidity Pool and those who put both tokens in the pool are the Liquidity Providers.



Its no secret that every company needs funds to operate and manage a lot of other things. Having said that here is how much MuTerra company will receive :

  • The MUT assigned to the team will always be kept in liquid.

  • MUT payment to the team will be put to review after 1st year and it might be open to DAO's vote.

  • Team's MUT will be used for the following :

    • Manage liquidity crunch if it arises.
    • Provide liquidity to different pools
    • Invest in Game Infrastructure
    • Pay Team members
    • Promote the game
    • Onboard new players
    • Give out rewards (Discord game rewards will come from this too)
    • Handle unprecedented needs.



We plan on announcing the establishment of DAO some time after the alpha launch ceremony.

  • The first order of business would be to decide how much MUT will be assigned to the DAO. This decision will be voted upon.

NOTE : The more MUT a player has staked the more voting power that player will have.

  • Players will be able to vote on a lot of proposals that will not only guide the game’s overall development but also different in-game events.

  • Top MUT stakers will have access to special perks and will hold the title of Council members.

What is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)?

To put it simply, DAO represents the community members of any project/company. Its a type of bottom-up entity structure with no central authority.

Instead of relying on a single individual or small collection of individuals to guide the direction of the entity, a DAO intends to give every member a voice, vote, and opportunity to propose initiatives.



MuTerra has 2 Play2Earn components -

  1. Player v/s Player (PvP)
  2. Player v/s Enemy (PvE)

PvE Rewards

  • Selling in-game items like rocks and plants that you collect while playing the game to Non-Player-Characters (NPCs) sitting in the shop.

  • Burning the NFTs you have minted/crafted using in-game items.

NOTE : Burning mechanism has a relation to MUT sinks which will be discussed in the next post.

  • Killing mutee in the wild will give you MUT based on the following formula -

[(BASEw) * {1 + (LVLw / 5)} * (Rw / Rt)^2 * (LVLdm)]

  • BASEw = Base value of wild mutee based on rarity
Rarity of Wild MuteeBASEw
  • LVLw = Level of wild mutee you are fighting
  • Rw = Rarity Value of Wild mutee
  • Rt = Rarity Value of Mutee your tamer is using
RarityRarity Value of Rw and Rt
  • LVLdm = Level Difference multiplier
    Default value = 1
Level Difference between wild and tamer's muteeLVLdm
Tamer mutee level - Wild mutee level > 50.50
Tamer mutee level - Wild mutee level > 100.25
Tamer mutee level - Wild mutee level > 150.10
Wild mutee level - Tamer mutee level > 51.5
Wild mutee level - Tamer mutee level > 102.5
Wild mutee level - Tamer mutee level > 155

Lets say you are fighting an Epic mutee of level 30 with your rare mutee having a level of 22 then using the formula and values mentioned above you will get-

[(6) * {1 + (30 / 5)} * (1.6 / 1.4)^2 * (1.5)] = 82.28 MUT

NOTE : Till alpha closing ceremony, MUT gained will be divided by 100

[(BASEw) * {1 + (LVLw / 5)} * (Rw / Rt)^2 * (LVLdm)] / 100

PvP Rewards

  • Details related to earning MUT from PvP part of the game will be announced 1 month prior to PvP game release



Nothing is perfect. Keeping that in mind we have added a provision under miscellaneous section to cater to unforeseen MUT needs. These may include (but not limited to) :

  • Any future rewards proposed by DAO or the Company.
  • Unprecedented MUT requirements.
  • DAO's decision on releasing more MUT through various streams.



We want to increase the player base of MuTerra and getting into a Partnership with different projects is one of the ways to achieve that.

If the terms of such partnerships include MUT, we will make an announcement regarding it.



Don't forget to invite your friends over to MuTerra! Every time they purchase something, you'll receive 1% of the amount straight to your hive wallet!

Read more about it here : Info on Referral Bonus



Home Page.png

MuTerra is set in a post-apocalyptic world where radiation has killed almost all of humanity and has mutated plants and animals. You, the survivors, are tasked with ensuring that humanity doesn't go extinct by exploring the wild, capturing the mutated animals and taming them.

MuTerra is a TCG + RPG game which will be on HIVE blockchain.

The RPG aspect will deal with explorations, raids, quests and more.

While the TCG aspect will deal with PvE and PvP battles, where you collect NFTs and fight each other to prove you are the better tamer.


Visit our Website :

Join us on :

Follow us on :


We reserve the right to change or modify any of the terms and values contained in this post or any other posts of MuTerra, at any time and in our sole discretion.


I'm super excited for this game, I have waited forever for things to get moving and it's starting to feel like we are not too far from getting our first experiences with the game on the website!

Also I wanted to ask, if getting tamers is possible only on the Wax blockchain currently? (I know we can transfer them to hive, but we cannot aquire them anyhow on the hive blockchain?)

There will be a common tamer in the game which you'll be able to buy by using a tamer license on it.
As for the other tamers, they are available on wax chain and on our in-game market. You can find them in the market section.

let's always do our own research

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I'm really excited but I think there should be a limit to voting power, that way everyone does have a voice. although, I guess the way around that would be to make more accounts, but making a ton of accounts would be expensive because of the license. I assume that only license holders can vote right? Have you considered giving a maximum vote value so even people who don't have much stake can sway the vote if enough of them are against something?

We did think on this a lot and no matter what measures we took, there was always an opening for an exploit.
We will certainly monitor the whole situation and are always open to community suggestions.

Have you thought about doing a HBD-MUT pool as well so that way it's both of the core hive assets? Plus one is "more stable" which may help the price of MUT?

Certainly. We will start with swap.HIVE and move to HBD pool next.

Hope still have enough fund lying around to participate 😜 most of it go to packs!


Many exciting announcements coming all the time now! Really great to hear. I played some of the map-hunting games on Discord and believe I earned MUT through them. Is there going to be a display of those assets on the website before the staking, LPs, etc. go live?

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You can check your assets on our discord channel using the command - $assets
And you can also check your MUT airdrop by typing - $airdrop

These assets will also be displayed on the site. We are almost done with the UI artwork and will be pushing the update to the site within a few days.

As for the MUT won in discord games. We will distribute them manually after Alpha Launch ceremony

You all are amazing! going to go check all this then make sure to reblog the original post!

Quick question, neither the asset nor the airdrop command seem to show MUT token balance from the season games. Is that something that can be checked?

Good news is that assets matches what shows on the site
Bad news (for me) is I don't have enough and won't get much from the airdrop haha

We have a spreadsheet pinned in the discord game channel and we also have a master sheet with all the MUT that needs to be sent out. It will be manual process or maybe we'll write a script to send those MUT tokens.
For now you can check your discord game MUT rewards from the spreadsheet.

Thanks! Helps me plan my budgeting for getting MUT assets :)

me trying to figure out the math haha, looking forward to try out the game. Muterra to the Moon

This is really looking great.

So we just need to know, when it starts :-)

Hope there will be a nicwe tutorial. Maybe seeing Gareth again?

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