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After the 10,000 MALDIVES pack were sold on 27th July within 2.5 hours, you all have been very eager to open up the packs you bought.
This announcement is aimed at putting an end to your wait.

For those who were thinking - why the delay in opening? Doesn't that require just a few clicks?

Well... The reason for the wait was because - The next phase of development was being finalized :

  1. Searching for Pixel artists who met Muterra standards and forming a team with them was a very time intensive task. But its now done and we have very talented and experienced pixel artists with us!

  2. Deciding on a suitable game engine. Each game engine we explored had its own challenges. From tech-stack to API and back-end, a lot of things were considered and we have finally decided to create the game using UNITY and have hired devs to work on it and speed up the development. Briefing them about the project took time. But it was a time well spent and now Unity game development is on!

  3. Changes in NFT Properties. This was the most time consuming task. With UNITY getting finalized, a lot of changes were made to the UI-blockchain logic to smoothen the integration of the game-engine and the HIVE blockchain. To incorporate this, Pre-existing NFT properties were changed. Its all done now.

What are you doing now!? Just let us open the packs!!

Currently, we are testing the openings and putting in animations. With new NFT properties in place, the UI needs to re-adjust itself, which is almost done.

Having said that, we would like to announce the opening date -

31st August 2021

But thats not all what we have been working on.

Remember the promo NFTs that were given to the community members? We have decided that they'll be usable in the game!

These tamers were given to the early joiners of our discord group as WAX NFTs. More details on them will be disclosed soon.


*The tamer card design and stats are not final.

The cards you get from the packs display simplified values so as not to bombard you with a lot of numbers and stats. But for competitive players, detailed version of the cards will be displayed on the UI soon.


*This detailed-card design is just a draft and subject to becoming more awesome.

With our pixel artists making art at full throttle, we have now started making maps that will be there in the game!


*The pixel art is not final and is subject to becoming more awesome than it already is.

PvE Mutees - Monsters
The limited edition mutees that you will get from packs will accompany you in your explorations and hunts. Here are a few of them :

Mutees 1.png

*These pixel arts are not final and are subject to becoming more awesome than they already are.



MuTerra is set in a post-apocalyptic world where radiation has killed almost all of humanity and has mutated plants and animals. You, the survivors, are tasked with ensuring that humanity doesn't go extinct by exploring the wild, capturing the mutated animals and taming them.

MuTerra is TCG+RPG game which will on HIVE blockchain. But the assets will be available on both WAX and HIVE. WAX side will be used to breed and blend mutees (mutated animals). And the new NFT created on WAX can be sent over to HIVE chain.

The RPG aspect will deal with explorations, raids, quests and more.
The TCG aspect will deal with PvE and PvP battles, where you collect NFTs and fight each other to prove you are the better tamer.

Check us out : MuTerra

Join us on -->
MuTerra : Discord
MuTerra : Telegram

Follow us on -->
MuTerra : Twitter
MuTerra : Instagram


really feeling like left out :(

When can I buy cards? They sold out so fast.

Next pre-sale of remaining 9k packs will be on wax in september.😊

Right now, on Hive Engine..

Oh nice! I can't wait to see what I got!

Game seems legit i couldn't buy any in pre-sale makes me feel bad :(

Ahw, don't feel bad ... I'm sure plenty of opportunities for you to get in this game.

Pack opening!!! woot woot
Wished I was able to join the discord server sooner but all is good. I was able to buy 40 packs with the help and big support from the admin team even though I missed it big time due to hive node issue failure.

Kudos team!

lets go, cant wait for the opening to happen.

I LOVE THE PIXEL ART! I'm gonna ape in the next pack sales XD

Wo0t wo0t can't wait to open my packs!

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Awsome project and overall design I know this isn't my place but MuTerra would be greatly enhanced by allowing for the NFTs of the Hive blockchain such as WAX for instance. You see the Splinterlands colection can be bought and sold in both WAX and Hive markets, WAX atomic Hub is set up in such a way that NFT airdrops are simplistic. This is a valuable advertising tool, your fan base would effectively promote your project this way where as these types of things are challenging to say the least with Hives set up.

None the less I have got a few packs and I'm excited to see what happens going forward

This project looks amazing! i just grabbed a pack on HE, itching to get me more :/

What is the token symbol on HE?

it is SIM my friend! :)

Sure about that?


Awesome waiting for 31 August

I don't know this game. Does it run on the HIVE blockchain?

The game will be on HIVE blockchain. And the game NFTs will be on both HIVE and WAX chains

Thanks for reply

Any ideas on when new packs will be open? They sell out way to fast haven't been able to get my hands on any yet :(

Within a few hours from now