Market in Scotland!

Morning all! I'm not even sure what day it is compared to what time zone I'm in now hehe! But I think I might be able to drop some pics in for @dswigle's #marketfriday community! It's been a while for me because I live on top of a mountain and my markers are limited to our gift shop for our camp! It actually takes me making a big drive to head out and find a new market! hehe And this time I took a big drive followed by a big fly followed by another big drive all the way around the world to Scotland!

This day we had hung out at Urquhart Castle and waited to see Nessie! but .. we didn't find her! On the way home, we made a little stop at a market. We were just going to head in to get a snack but the charm of the place had us in there for an hour!

I'll share some of the fun things we saw but I can't share all...some are gifts I had to bring home! Too cool to leave behind!

One of the saddest parts about traveling being gluten free is that you are limited in trying EVERYTHING... and of course the first thing I see.... BAKED GOOD YUMMIES!

Take a look at these tasty little treats too. I wanted one of each hehehe but I had to be satisfied with feasting my eyes on them lol

I'm not EXACTLY sure what these are. Scotch eggs? Maybe @tengolotodo can explain hehe. I'm assuming that they are eggs that are flavored? or stuffed? and here are the different flavors! haggis flavored egg? hehehe I am not so sure about that one!!! 😅

Look at these sweet little stuffies! So...I'm thinking that they are stuffed mushrooms! lol I guess? I don't really know to tell you the truth! But there are lots of sheep everywhere on the beautiful green hills of Scotland, and I'm sure that a lot of that wool gets turned into scarves, toys, blankets, clothes, etc! and... these? hehe

Don't call these chips! Chips is something totally different in the UK (we call THOSE fries in the states hehe) but these? "crisps!" And you are unlikely to see these flavors in the states! once again...there's that haggis! 😂

More fabric! Hand colorful!!! it's not just a flavor but an actual sausage here! I don't remember all that goes into haggis...but from what I remember it's like a sausage with various parts of the body all cooked inside a stomach casing? Not sure how they sell it in stores, but this looks like a normal sausage that you would see in the US market. But now take a look at the pic after this one...

Vegetarian haggis!!! So...what in the world goes into this? all the various parts of the tofu? hehehe not sure but I MIGHT be willing to try it! 😂

When I was in Fiji, I loved this little chain shop called Hot Bread Kitchen, where they had fresh bread and rolls and cakes and pies every day! I miss all those things and when I saw these my mouth immediately starting watering!! One day , they're going to find a pill that lets me eat as much gluten as I want again...until then, enjoy my pics and eat one for me? lol

And check out the different flavors here! Mmmm wild boar always sounds like it would step up that ham flavor to a new level! lol

Can't go wrong with chocolate!!! add in caramel and salt...and I'm in heaven. I actually COULD have eaten this but it just seemed like a mountainous tower of sugar and I wasn't sure I wanted to start gaining weight on the very first days of vacation HAHAHAHAA

Lovely pottery, don't you think? I've been seeing so many videos of people shaping pottery and designing lately...seems like I'm being tempted all over the world!!!

More meat pies and rolls begging for me to come to them!!! lol Oh how I wish I could have tasted them!

More delicious chocolates for you to indulge on! we have ready to eat slices of haggis and then something even .... more interesting pudding. Now, from what I know of this, the thing that makes it dark is the congealed blood? For me, I think I will pass. lol So what is the white pudding then? No idea! Did I try any of them? No way! I was too chicken lol

And finally ... one last pie to make you happy!!! hehehe filled to the brim with fruit!

Hope you enjoyed our little stop in Scotland!!! I might have enough market pics in UK to come back again next week lolol

all images are mine ☺️


It certainly was a great little market shop!!! At least we got dinner out of it too hehe. I miss you already, Ms. Dreems 💗!LUV !LADY


countdown soonest hehehe

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A scotch egg is an egg which is boiled, wrapped in sausage meat, given a crumb coating, and then fried.

The marketshop looks wonderful

aghhhhhh thank you!!!

so it's kinda like an appetizer sort of thing ...that sounds yum!!! hehee

Haha I have four slices of black pudding in the fridge and a Scotch egg, I will take a pic when I eat.
Nice market, but darn not cheap! know they can see tourists coming a mile away and have the prices to show for it! hahahaha

now that I know what it is..I want to try it! hehehe

but I'll pass on the black pudding I think 🤔🤣

Those pics are a definite feast for the eyes...well except maybe the Haggis, but since I've never tried it, I can't say for sure.

hahahaha i really didn't want to try that haggis - but one of the sliced versions did have me thinknig it didn't look so bad

but i still chickened out hahaah

Scotch eggs in a box! that's a bit fancy 😄 those are just lovely baked stuff and would not mind stuffing myself with some.

hahahaha is it fancy? I wouldn't know... hehe but what are the eggs exactly??? lolol

That market looks spectacular, hehe. Super fancy those scotch eggs in little boxes.
I could have walked out of there with a few extra pounds.

I like your explanation of what haggis is 😆 And I wonder if @tengolotodo got any of you to try it.
And the vegetarian haggis thing needs a good explanation lololol 😂

hehe they are cheap and cheerful versions of haggis, the butcher has the best and a proper sheep's stomach to house it in!
No, no time, next time I would though🤣

Haha! I don't think I'll ever have enough sheep stomach to try haggis 😂 But who knows, Super Ed ;)🌀

hahahahahhaa sheep's stomach... ughhhh hmmmm 🤣🤣🤣🤣

hahahahahahhahaah yes everyone is saying the scotch eggs in a box is fancy! lolol

now I'm bummed I didn't grab one to try it hahahaha

and no...Tengo wasn't with us just yet so I didn't try with him lol. but he probably would have gotten me to take bites of these things! even if it didn't sound appealing to me...I probably would have just got the fun of it! hahahaha

and I was a few pounds my wallet!!!! after walking out..


Did you hook up with Teng yet, that would be another wonderful meeting.

I have tasted everything by just looking at the images from the market trip. Too bad my eyes can't tell how well it tastes but my mouth and belly are jealous of my eyes right now.

hahaha yes!!! he has a post of us meeting ... you'll have to go look!

it was SO great meeting him!!! I will probably post mine when I get home hehehe (in 2 days)

so sad it's ending! but what a fantastic time!!

Papa, Remy, and everyone at home must be missing you as well. I will go check Teng's post, you definitely had a great time in the UK.

What a fun market stop! It must be difficult staying gluten free when you while you are traveling, there are so many tempting things to try, plus always needing to question ingredients. I'm loving all your adventures!

hehehehe yes but you won't believe it....UK has ..HANDS DOWN ...the BEST gluten free bread and pastries I've ever had!!!! you can't even tell they are gluten free!!! DELICIOUS!!!

even just the store brand stuff is out of this world!!! wow!

hehehe my adventures are just about to end in UK...and I'm so sad to finally come to the conclusion...I love meeting people and hugging and laughing.

we met this couple on the train on Friday night that was so fascinated that we were all meeting from around the world ... only having become friends online!! hehehe

it's hard to explain how magical it is to meet friends online finally... hehehe but it certainly is...

I never made it out to Wisconsin to see Snook...some things came up that made it better to visit later...but I will! hehehe

I have met several online friends over the years. Mostly friends I made on the Bookcrossing site back in the days when we could still afford the postage to share books around the world with each other. I have not yet met any Hive friends in real life, mostly because I don't get out much these days. I can imagine how much fun you have had!

I've always found the food in Europe to be superior to anything we have here. I'm glad you found the good stuff!

Heeey, everything seems so tasty!! I remember having my aunt on a trip in Scotland and bringinging as souvenirs some tea and whiskey marmelade. Now I wonder why I didn't receive any of these which seem a lot tastier, haha!

hahahahhaa now you need to send her back and bring you more treats!!!

but that whisky marmalade sounds heavenly!!! I would have definitely grabbed some of that if I saw it hahahaha yum!!!

Absolutely. Or take a trip by myself to have no limits in terms of tasty souvenirs hahah

Please drop your link in my #MarketFriday comment section. Thank you! ❤️

oops!!! yes yes!!! I will do that immediately!!!

I knew I was forgetting something hahahahaha. I was rushing to get it done in time and forgot that part . lolol

hi Tootsie!!!! 🥰❤️🥰❤️😍❤️😍

Hello, Tootsie! ❤️

Your name popped up last night! From Scotland, no less! You probably passed me in the night, I am still away until almost the end of February!

Thanks for dropping the link already. Good seeing you! Blood pudding. My father used to eat it and I am sure Ed @tengolotodo does too. :)

You found a great selection on your travels there.

hi Steve!!! hehehe yes and there were 6 other things from that marketplace that I actually bought but can't show ..cuz the hubs will see his present lololol

Going through these pictures while I was yet to take my breakfast was not helpful at all😔😔

Everything there looks tasty🥰🥰🥰

Never thought a market could be so colorful and full of life. This is awesome. I'd be weighing a hundred pounds during my first week over there to be honest. Cos I'll be stuffing my face without remorse. seeing some baked chops which I've not seen in Scotland market through your pictures; hehehe😁

Lovely to share experience of either selling or buying. Which ever one, the bottom line is someone like me will definitely travel through pictures and land on the soil of wherever. This is interesting of course💃💃💃
Thanks for sharing

Can't go wrong with chocolate!!! add in caramel and salt...and I'm in heaven. I actually COULD have eaten this but it just seemed like a mountainous tower of sugar and I wasn't sure I wanted to start gaining weight on the very first days of vacation HAHAHAHAA

I'd eat it, and just do more sightseeing :) ..