Market Friday - Early Christmas Shopping

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My favourite garden centre is on the Chatsworth Estate, owned by the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire. It's this time of year they start selling their Christmas decorations and it becomes like santa's grotto. So, off I went with two of my female friends.

We hardly ever buy anything as it's a bit too expensive. We just walk around looking at all the shiny things saying "HOW MUCH??"

However, one of my friends did buy one of the gift boxes. She's now got to buy a present to fit the box. I tried stopping her, because I made the same mistake in 1998. I'm still stuck with that bloody box!

My friend’s husband wanted some winter pansies. My friend couldn't be bothered to take any back for him, so she pretended there wasn’t any! She took him a cream cake instead to keep him quiet. She's also been buying our silence ever since .....

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Early. But its coming. !PIZZA

Thank you. It definitely is. 😀

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Christmas in a bit, it's almost here...
Let me come and join you shopping 😍💜

I love the build up to Christmas. It's the best bit!

My Wife did the same with a christmas box a couple of years ago and each year she is certain she will find a use for it, and I bet this year again she wont.

I dont know about your friends hubby but I would have bene happy with the cream cake lOL

Some boxes are too nice not to buy. The problem comes later. 🙂🎁

I must confess my first choice would be the cake as well. Sod the pansies!

Exactly did the pansies lol

Very funny shopping trip with bribes of cream cakes! Very surreal shopping for me!

I can always guarantee a laugh when my friends are with me.