Market Friday at a veterinary getting some vaccines for my birds

in Market Friday2 months ago

Some weeks ago i visited a vetinary shop where they sell all kinds of drugs for humans and animals but it was divided that is two shops. This is not my first time here i have always been visiting this place to buy vaccines and drugs for my birds.

Also there is a section where you can consult the vetinary doctor of which one will pay little amount of money for consultation and also inside the place one can buys birds in carton .

The place is alittle bit big and there are many worker at Aromokeye which opposite A Division Area in ilorin Kwara State.

My birds clock a week and i went there to buy there first vaccine which is Lasota vaccine which will protect them from all kinds of diseases.

This kind of vaccine is given to them every week upto four weeks but i have reduce mine to two weeks and tgatvmeans i will be giving them another vaccine very soon.

I bought the vaccine a thousand naira which is more a half a dollar at the time of writing this.

Many people are there buying vaccines and drugs and after i boght minevi was given some ice block to prevent the the vacine from spoiling .

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