A Country With sad faces

in Market Fridaylast year

Visited the confectionery store to see if I could get a cake to celebrate the independence of my great country Nigeria at 62 years. Unfortunately, the prices of cakes is far more than my budget. Cakes that I do buy for NGN5,000 is now NGN13,000. That is about 130% increment within how many months.

The rate of inflation in this country Nigeria is very alarming. Inflation at a regular is a show that there is advancement. However, when the rate is high especially in a short period of time it simply means the economy of such country is in mess and that is the case of my dear country Nigeria.

As far as am concerned right now this country Nigeria does not deserve an independence or birthday cake from me. This is because of the outrageous increment in inflation rate which is a show of how bad the economy is. Probably when it is 63 years old it will be better than this particular situation.

No wonder Chinua Achebe wrote" There was a country ". At this moment I don't think this is a healthy country as inflation rate is high with same minimum wage. Universities closed due to strike for over six months now.