Flipflop Market Space

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My entry to #marketfriday by @dswigle. It is a known fact that footwear does more than protecting the feet it also as a fashion means. Which implies that every footwear must correspond with whatever cloths we are wearing. This area is Medical Road off Mobolaji bank Anthony way, Ikeja Lagos Nigeria.

Flipflop is very needed especially this era of raining season. Shoes will not be advisable because of the situation of the road. So flipflop is the best bet. Again, during an unofficial outing it is also very needed for convenience. I wear shoes most times Mondays to Fridays and my weekends which is Saturdays and Sundays I am on flipflop. This will make my feet relax and get enough fresh air. The feet deserves freedom sometimes. Sometimes when I feel uncomfortable during office hours I wear my flipflop in my office space. Especially when I know am not going outside my office space

This are all flip-flops or rubber footwear as we call them here. Their prices differs. The cheapest you can get is NGN1,500 which is about $2 this is basically the replica of the original. While some can be within NGN2000 to NGN 52,000 depending on the designer and how authentic it is.


Looks like a fun place to spend your weekend

Yes it is. Varieties available to meet every choice.

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