POP News: Virus Pumps Bitcoin

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The new coroner virus has even more astonishing properties; not only can it ravage human dignity and productivity, but it also has the power to move cryptos. Stocks, Bitcoin jump following news of promising coronavirus treatment.

The aim of news is to fabricate narratives - cause and effect - even if the real causes are never to be uttered. I know it's a small thing but propaganda, like advertising, is persistent, sometimes subtle, and always sending other signals.

Read that again, with my italics: "Stocks, Bitcoin jump following news of promising coronavirus treatment". Temporally, possibly, but causatively?

The hidden news in there is that Dr Faucet, the big pharma pimp, announces that a previously useless drug may possibly be inflicted upon those unlucky enough to be certified virus-positive by a notoriously flaky test. Notice, however, that the expensive drug is only marginally better than doing nothing.

The conclusion that most people are led away from is that most genuinely infected people survive anyway and doing nothing is almost as good as adding a toxic load to an already-compromised body.

In a parallel universe, scientists are allowed to peer review research without bias or pressure - but that wormhole closed a long time ago.

POP (Proof of Propaganda)

Obligatory image: Photo by Fábio José Lima on Unsplash