Remember Napster? Never lose a good idea...

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Seeders & Leechers; Those were the days...

Napster.. The Original P2P app! - image source

Back in the day, us nerds would share with each other. There wasn't really a "copyright cartel" back then that we had to worry about. 😳

What is Peer to Peer (P2P) technology used for?

  1. Disclaimer: In my opinion, you probably shouldn't download/share stuff illegally.
  2. P2P in the Napster context means: If I have the file you are looking for, I will share it with you. If you have a file that I want, you'll share your copy with me.
  3. For streaming audio/video content: 💡 Consuming streaming media online typically requires a fat internet connection at the web hosting provider. However, if that streaming site offers P2P streams, then the load on their network is radically reduced and it improves the user's experience tremendously. For example: I'm watching this video, so are you guys and every byte of that video that I've downloaded now gets shared with others, thus improving everyone's experience 🚀

Sometimes I miss those good'ol days of making a "tape" for a friend, or getting a pirated copy of Paint Shop Pro so I could do some design that Microsoft Paint could not provide for me. I guess growing up poor had its good side too, as it forced me to look for alternatives (hence my infatuation with web3 tech today!).

Napster and its P2P technology is not just for Nerds!

Enter "Web3", the nerdiest nerd-tech ever ;)

P2P video platforms are unbeatable

The future is Web3, unstoppable, distributed media and systems. Combine P2P with a public, immutable blockchain like Hive, with the Fediverse network, with RSS, and you now have a REAL "Dapp".

If you've not heard about our "HiveCast" dapp yet, please check it out. The HiveCast tuner/aggregator leverages all of the above and then some, and is poised to take massive market share away from the web2 platforms like netflix, spotify, youtube and apple podcasts. Access any streaming media online from one easy to use app.. No more walled gardens!

As you can see above, P2P streaming platforms are unbeatable.
Seeders and Leechers FTW 💪

Why should I use P2P technology though?

  • If you host streaming media, I recommend you implement the FREE Hive-Tube back-end onto your servers. This will save a TON of money in bandwidth, server hardware, labor expenses, and improve your quality of service to your customers!
  • If you like to tune in to streaming media, I recommend the HiveCast tuner. HiveCast leverages the power of hundreds of Hive-Tube hosting companies as well as RSS, the Fediverse and Hive networks.
  • We're nearing completion and will be Open-Sourcing HiveCast via our DHF Proposal.

No more walled gardens! P2P FTW! 🚀🚀


holy shit

please give us a P2P Torrent Program for the whole HIVE and RSS Ecosystem

that would be fucking amazing !!!


Well hell fucking yes! 💪

We gotta get more people to actually vote first though. Many people upvoted the post, but they forgot to actually click on the Support Proposal #274 button to vote this in...


Danke danke! 🚀🚀

are p2p torrents not just classical torrents like bittorrent, or utorrent?

my first thought was, that it could be difficult, to keep the privacy in hive alive.

(you know, I speak german.. did my best)

Man, this is so nostalgic. I used Kazaa, back in the day, then LimeWire, then FrostWire, then finally PirateBay, but no longer have a viable place to obtain music, movies, or tv shows. A P2P torrenting platform built on Hive that is censorship-resistant would be huuuuuge

All of the streaming media work that we have done supports Torrents :)

I remember the first time getting Limewire and having access to so much music that I had no hope of being able to buy.

Only downside was that it would take a stupid amount of time to get the songs downloaded, and then I'd often find out that the Limp Bizkit song was something else entirely because people would randomly title some songs they uploaded. There was also the issue of downloading something, really liking it, only to find out that their name was wrong and you'll never be able to find out what the band is called haha

I have to check out HiveCast, I've been meaning to for a while but just haven't had time to make some of the videos I want to make.


Oh yeah dangit, Limewire, I totally forgot all about that one, thanks!
Yeah some files were reallly hard to find. On #piratebay for example I would alwys seek out posts from "YIFY" since they were always the best quality with the most seeders. After awhile, I would just do quick page searches for my favorite posters hehe

Metallica became REALLY hard to find for awhile. Funny thing tho, that got me hooked on Dio as a result!! :)

Thanks for checking out our HiveCast DHF Proposal above too. It seems to be getting a lot of votes of support now which is a good sign that people are tired of the walled gardens and are making their voices heard :)

Yeah man, piratebay was good, it was either piratebay or katproxy where I found a guy who'd upload games, I was able to get sims 3 with all the DLC inluded which would have cost over a grand. He had a ton of good stuff up there.

That's funny that Metallic being scarce led you to Dio haha

I always loved South Parks episode about illegal downloads.

"This is Lars Ulric."

"Why's he crying?"

"He wanted a poolside bar made of gold installed, but because of people like you, he has to wait a few months."

Piratebay is still going strong. FYI

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