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RE: Scientific definition of Alcoholism Disorder.

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Yeah I remember I found it quite interesting when I first read that there's a genetic predisposition to alcoholism. I think the actor who played Chandler in Friends is one such case.

It was also interesting when I compared our Cypriot culture to other cultures I got to know as I was growing up, such as English and Russian. In Cyprus, we drink just a bit of alcohol, usually with food, and we need the alcohol to taste good. In England, classmates were buying the cheapest alcohol they could find to bring to parties, because the purpose of the alcohol was not to enjoy, but to use it to get wasted. Drunkenness wasn't an accidental side-effect of drinking: it was the goal. I even met people who couldn't have sex without drinking alcohol! It's like sex is such a shameful act that no sober person could undertake! So yeah culture plays a huge role.


Wow, this is a serious one oo, most people who get extremely drunk over here in Nigeria too, are those who can only afford really cheap drinks and they consume them on a high level to satisfy some type of weird desires, sometimes, just to feel among.