Weekly Science And Technology Reports - February 5 2023

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Happy New month everyone, three days after today squared is......... 👀
Unfortunately, some or few of us may not be celebrating Valentine's day with our Valentina. 🥲
Well, we can on the other hand celebrate with ourselves, which happens to be somebody but us. 🙃
Anyways, that's by the way. Welcome once again my fellow information vampires to another exciting episode of our weekly science and technology reports. So lay down, relax and enjoy.

New analog quantum computers to solve previously unsolvable problems

One of the greatest things that has ever happened to mankind was the invention of computers, of which started with trying to develop devices to help speed up calculations (calculators). Today, computers do much more than performing faster calculations, thanks to it's digital nature - every character represented by codes and relies heavily on memories, analog computers which were the first kind relies heavily on natural processes, memories aren't necessarily required. Our current computers are also classical - subject to the rules of classical physics. These properties, especially the "classical property" could be at a disadvantage when dealing with computations/modelling of some quantum phenomena. The very unique properties of quantum computers (owing to quantum physics) regardless of being analog or digital gives it an edge over our current fastest digital computer. In this report however, researchers seem to have developed another kind of analog computer that could potentially solve some difficult problems in quantum physics, mostly through simulation but keep reading to find out more.

How To Travel the Multiverse

Most of us must have come across the multiverse concept, probably in sci-fi movies, like in Marvel's Spiderman : no way home or Doctor strange : multiverse of madness but some or few of us may not understand it well. Let me use a very common experience - your dream, in fact, dream was used in Doctor strange - multiverse of madness. Have you ever noticed that in your dream, you are capable of becoming or doing things you can't do when you are awake (in the real world). On few occasions i was able to fly, the idea there is that laws governing your dream world is different from that of our awake reality, it's like you are in a totally different reality. This different reality can also be seen as a different universe, though that's not exactly how current physics describes the multiverse. According to current understanding in physics, there are many different universes, probably infinite and we don't visit them like we do when we sleep and dream, these alternate universes are believed to be far from us, almost impossible to reach and may contain other versions of us - you could be a female (if you are male in our universe) or an animal in another universe. Because they are far away, it's impossible to tell if they actually exist but current mainstream theories suggests they have to exist. Quantum mechanics (theory of the atomic and subatomic scale) predicts their existence through "many worlds interpretation", eternal inflation (theory of the galactic scale that is an extension of the big bang theory) predicts their existence and string theory - a potential candidate for a theory of everything, also predicts their existence too. Now you must see why some scientists are hell-bent on believing they must exist but the question now is, if they actually exist, how do we get in contact with them to prove their existence ?
This is where this report comes in but just incase you eventually get the chance to visit any of our alternate universe, do well to greet the Valentine of my doppelganger. 🥲

Our future could be full of undying, self-repairing robots. Here's how

Advances in AIs (artificial intelligence) seems to be at an accelerating pace, we may finally be entering the AI age but what about it's physical embodiment ?
Remember AIs are softwares, if softwares have any chance of interacting with it's environment it would be through hardwares. For AIs, this hardware would be in the form of robots and it seems like the advancement in robotics is slow compared to it's software counterpart (AI). For example, robots still makes use of batteries (which doesn't last) for the energy it uses for it's operations, we (humans) actually live longer than robots and it's because we can harness energy from our environment, robots can't. There are other problems too though but this report presents us with interesting ways of solving these problems, so hop in here and be mesmerized, i promise you won't regret it. 😉

Scientists made a new kind of ice that might exist on distant moons

If I asked if water is a single liquid, most would say yes but if i asked scientists, they would say they aren't sure. But why ?
Well, the truth is that water has too many anomalies, that is, it's behaves differently from other liquids at certain conditions. For example, when you cool a liquid, we should expect more molecules per unit space - increase in density, but water seems to behave weird. It's (water) density increases to a maximum at about 4° c and then starts to decrease below 4°c, this is why ice can float on water - solid water (ice) is less dense than liquid water. There have been many attempts to explain this anamoly and one of them being that water may be made up of two different liquids - a higher density liquid and a lower density liquid.
Yes, you heard me right. There are experiments "that seems" to suggest this fact though not certain. In this report however, a new discovery may have just made things worst. I guess nobody really understands water but keep reading to find out more.

Time Is Not What It Used to Be: Children and Adults Shown to Experience Time Differently

Looks like when Einstein postulated his theory of special relativity he had the mind of a 4 year old. Wait, don't get me wrong, they actually perceive time in a more realistic sense than adults. In this interesting report, researchers seem to show with experiment how and why our perception of time appears different for different stages of our lives (prekindergarten and adulthood). Read here to find out more.

It is here we conclude today's report, have a thoughtful day and till i come your way again next week.

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