Explosion of a recurring Nova.

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Explosion of a recurring Nova.


There is a star that is going to explode, it is an astronomical event that is one of the most important this year, it is the explosion of T Coronae Borealis, according to scientists it is not a possibility, it is a certainty, it is going to explode, we know it because we already It happened in the past, the last time was 1946, previously 1866, which was the year the star was officially discovered and it is suspected that it also exploded because it was recorded, although there are doubts in 1787 and 1217.

It is not a threat to the Earth, since this star is about 3000 light years away from us and it will not be a super luminous event as many media say, when it explodes it will be visible, true, but its brightness will be similar to that of example the polar star.

It is estimated that there will be about 120 stars in the sky brighter than this Nova, it is an important event for astronomers, it is an important event for all astronomy fans and it is important because it also represents a scientific advance, since we have calculated when It's going to happen, it's going to explode this year.

The calculation is between March to September, rather towards September, so that this achievement is known, it is an advance, since there are about 10 stars that explode recurrently like this one in the form of novae, but we do not know what their cycle is, however , this one in particular is better studied and also has some clues, it is known that the star dims for approximately a year before exploding and that phenomenon began to occur in March 2023.

This star began to dim in March 2023 and although we are talking about one star there are two, it is a white dwarf that is the corpse of a star that could have been similar to the sun, but whose core is compressed to the size of a sphere no larger. than the earth and that means an enormous density for this star, it is calculated that specifically it has 1.2 times the density of our sun, but compressed into the size of a ball like the earth.

This stellar corpse is orbiting a red giant, which is an aging star, and what happens is that the dense white dwarf is stealing material from the Red Giant until it reaches a critical mass and a violent fusion reaction occurs, which is the one that causes the Nova type explosion, in addition, of novas, of these novae, we know 10 that repeat periodically, but we have specifically studied it better and that is why we know that it is going to explode.

There are several levels, this one in particular would not reach the level of a supernova, this would be a Nova, supernovas can be of two types, the most powerful type 1, which would be similar to the case that a White lullaby told you about stealing material from another star, although the explosion is much may; the type 2 supernova that originates at the end of the life of a massive star between 8 and 40 solar masses, the fuel runs out, there can no longer be any more nuclear fusion of helium, which is what causes the star to shine, and Then the star collapses and is compressed so much that it ends up exploding in a brutal explosion, which is where neutron stars usually come from.

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