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Photos by Juan Bacab G.📸
📍Cancún, México

Mostly we believe that human psychology is unnecessary, and that its help is only requested when we find ourselves in extreme emotional cases, this thought has been reported to be totally false. And furthermore, the study of behavior is not exclusive to the human being, so it is necessary to carry out a behavioral study in animals as well, which is why, for many years, the study of animal behavior has acquired considerable interest:

psychology you must also study animal behavior🐒


Photo by Nitin Dhumal📸

We could say that if we study animal behavior in individuals from a zoo, then we will know how they will feel with the treatment and management they receive from their keepers. For example, if we carry out preference tests in primates, we can know with certainty if an individual prefers to eat a banana or play with another primate, in this way we contribute to animal welfare and offer a better quality of life.

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The following information is taken from: Ribes, Iñesta (2011). Why is necessary to study animal behavior?. Universidad Veracruzana, México. ISSN 0121-4381. Adapted by @juanbg

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Human behavior as the basis for the study of animal behavior

Some studies identify human beings as animals, although, something that cannot be debated is that we have characteristics that distinguish us from other members of the animal kingdom, and this despite the fact that we are not the strongest beings. One of these characteristics that differentiates us is that we can make our behavior understood verbally, we can tell our friends that today was not a good day and that we feel frustrated...


Photo by lianne Dipp📸
📍La Paz, México

But we cannot communicate in this way with animals, instead, we will be able to know how they feel and what they prefer precisely by conducting behavioral studies. Of course, not all kingdoms meet these requirements, as is the case with microscopic fungi, plants, or organisms.

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The study of animal behavior promotes well-being

Perhaps a very clear example of the study of behavior is research with marine mammals under human care. Several are studies on some types of behavior and preference tests. For example, some studies have found that dolphins prefer playing with humans to playing with floating objects, such as the study by Isabella Clegg (2018).


Photo by Gareth Davies📸

In some zoos there are studies that have been carried out with lions, to know their preference towards a certain type of toy, and then, to be able to provide this toy for a longer time,

so its quality of enrichment was higher if we compare it to the interaction with other toys.

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Behavior tells us about adaptation

Addressing the human point of view once again, when we have a stressful job, we adapt when we make changes in our behavior and form bonds with our co-workers.

Animals adapt when they have a change in behavior. The specimens found in zoos form links or groups with other individuals who seek social balance, or on the other hand, form links between males and females who seek to copulate and conceive.


Photo by Magda Ehlers📸
📍Riviera Maya, México

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The study of behavior is the basis for the future care of the species (my contribution)

Of course, animals under human care will always be the target of constant analysis and different points of view, but these individuals are the future for the care and preservation of some species.

In wildlife, animals already have very limited resources because we have contributed greatly to the depletion of those resources, so we must take care of them. In the aquatic environment, overfishing has forced species to travel great distances to find food.


Photo by Frans Van Heerden📸
📍Bo-Karoo, South Africa

My contribution to this topic will be my PhD research topic: we want to know if interactive programs and other activities are beneficial for dolphins, and these results will help us make decisions.


Photo by Juan Bacab G📸
📍Cancún, México

👉In this way we can contribute to conservation and care, and these studies give rise to future research.

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This is very rich and educative. Do you have permission to use those images that are not yours?

Thank you so much for the comments! The photos that are not mine are free to use, some are taken from the Pexels website and others from sighting reports pages, where the images are also free to use😀

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As a side note (let's start with the side note), I definitely believe that human psychology is very important because we never know the state of emotion of the others. It is important to behave nicely together. And I guess that’s it.

With respect to this sentence:

we can make our behavior understood verbally

Don’t you think animals can also communicate with each other through their own language? The fact that they don’t speak ‘human’ is different from not being able to verbally communicate, isn’t it? Why should animals adapt to humans and not the opposite? (I know, I try to square the circle ;) ).

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