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RE: Some news from STEMsocial before entering 2022

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You are right. I forgot to mention this.

We got about 300-350 HBD (I don't remember the exact amount). I hesitated quite a bit about what to do with those, but finally decided to take it for myself as a kind of reward for the more than a thousand of hours I spent on the previous application. They however have not been spent (they are sitting in my account) and I have no intention in spending them. Anyone is free to disagree with that move, although I think it is a fair move.

These details will be included in the next proposal, don't worry.


Lol. Who would question you for taking that after investing that many hours into developing the previous application? I actually think it's nice to get rewards for a job well-done. There's nothing wrong with that.

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Thanks pearlumie. It has been a while. How are you?

I'm fine and okay. How are you doing, sir?

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As usual: science, science and science. Life is almost back to normal here (almost because of the pandemic and the war). :)

Lol. After dedicating some much time to science, I don't expect you'd stop now. Things are back to normal here except for some stores still enforcing the face masks. My guess would be that they bought too many and they need us to take it off their hands, lol.

About the war, I hope you're far away and safe?

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Wearing a mask is not a big constraint, to be honest. It could be annoying at most, but let's be honest, after 2 years of pandemic we should get used to it, shouldn't we?

I am living 2,000 km from Ukraine, so that (for now) I am safe.


Yes, it's just usually annoying. They don't care if we use the face mask after buying or not but it's impossible to go in without one. Given that almost no one enforces it anymore, the probability of buying is over 70%.

I had to google that distance, I think it's safe too. Hopefully, this genocide will end really soon. I hope it doesn't birth another World War.

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Was actually wondering if you were going to just spend those hours for free, knowing how precious every minute is to you. Personally, I don't have any objection to the move and will not even if you take more in the nearest future.

However, I think you misinterpreted my comment or maybe I couldn't just relate your response to the comment I made. I asked where the funds to pay the dev would come from pending the time the project will get funded by the community. Unless you are implying that the money in your wallet, which is supposed to be personal, is going towards that.

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Ah yeah, now I see.

@bambukah and I are planning to write weekly reports from the STEMsocial account and take a beneficiary share of the associated rewards. Every month, a bigger report will be written as well. That's all we can do at the moment as we have no dedicated budget.

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That's good. Kudos to you guys