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RE: Original Research: Investigating The Therapeutic potential of Locally Consumed Grasshopper in Abuja, Nigeria, against Arthritis disease

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Another great post from you! This one is cool but a bit scary.

Initially, I thought something like "Eating grasshoppers…. iiiirkkk…. but well, if a person would need this to cure their arthritis disease or at least help, why not…" Then I was a bit puzzled after reading the rest of the post. Have you treated people with grasshoppers, or have you used a drug made of the relevant active compounds found in grasshoppers? I understood the former, and the latter may be a further goal of the research. Please confirm. Thanks in advance!

On the other hand, as you said it, in the future our entire food supply may be made of insects, at least if we don’t kill them all beforehand by virtue of our stupid human nature. I was in fact not imagining we where already there sometimes (I learned some unexpected news from your post ;) ).

By the way:

His testimony really made me feel elated and also made realize that the world is noticing us (HIVE). This simply means that most of the articles posted here on HIVE can be easily discovered through most search engines.

I got bachelor students reading my blogs too, and using them as a basis before digging further. This was quite a surprise when I heard about it initially.

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Lol...I agree with though, as Much as it is quite 'irrrrh'😆, desperate times will sure call for desperate measures. People in need of cure don't mind doing anything as long as it will make them well.

Regarding the news, it was really soul lifting for me when he chatted me up. The grin on my face knew no bounds.