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RE: Center of gravity some generalities_Part III

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That is a nice experiment., easy to do. With the kids we did something similar long time ago, with a cork, a single needle and two forks. We then put the full device (the cork with the needle on the bottom and the forks on its left and its right) on top of a closed bottle, and it was staying there nicely in equilibrium.

I am looking forward to your next blog.



Hello dear friend @lemouth.

You are right it is a nice and illustrative example of center of gravity and also easy to do, it was interesting how you did it with your children I will do it that way and share it with my daughter who likes these types of small experiementos. Greetings and thank you very much for sharing your experience and for your support.

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Great! I hope you will write a nice report on your blog about that (which I am looking forward to read ;) ).