Day 2: My journey to computer literacy

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It's a thing of joy to come back again with the latest information on how my journey to computer literacy is moving.

Initially, I was ashamed of myself that upto this age, am not yet computer literate when young ones of nowadays can operate computer even more than their teachers and mentors.

But, I saw something that uplifted my spirit to learn. What I saw yesterday, reminded me of an adage that says No age is above learning and that whenever a man rises from bed becomes his morning.

IMG_20221209_144220_194.jpgmyself with my poor computer result

Today, while battling with some marvis beacon typing games, at a point, I became downhearted because the errors was much and the speed too is manageable according to my mentor @fokusnow,

An old man walked into the computer training center, I looked at him and concluded that maybe, he want to make an inquiry for his grand children. Hmmm, do you know that I failed woefully? The man came and sat beside me. He said to me, ahhh, dear, so you're also a learner? I replied yes to him. Them he said, and I quote:

My dear, am also learning, no knowledge is a waste. No one can predict the outcome of tomorrow.

IMG_20221209_144722_942.jpgthe old man well determined

This man's courage and determination boosted my learning speed and capacity leading me into believing that it's not yet late for me to learn computer.


Right now, my typing speed is manageable base on where I am(the marvis game am playing) but, there are too many errors. My mentor said that why am failing is because, my fingers are not properly placed on the following buttons: ASDF(left hand) and JKL ; (right hand). But, am promising myself to work harder to improve. But, to do better, according to my mentor, I need a personal computer or laptop for practicals at home. But right now, don't really know how to do so base on money challenge. But, not withstanding, I believe I will buy one in the future.

But, am upgrading o. Have pass the level of chameleon. Hahaha 🤣


Yesterday, Friday, the 9th day of December 2022 was the second day of my journey to computer literacy. Base on the above experience, my determination is to be a specialist in the Year 2023.