Mouth odour, causes, preventives and cure

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Hello friends, am back again. This time I want us to look into a very serious issue that have affected many people to the extent some finds it difficult to mingle with other people.

To understand what am about to say, let's check on this imagination: You went for an interview, while sitting waiting for the time, the next person sitting beside you tried engaging you into discussion but, while he's talking, you removed your face from his direction as if you're looking for something else.

But the worst part of it is that though, you finds the discussion interesting, yet, it irritates you because you're not comfortable with the person. The person even drew his sit closer to you. Whenever he's talking, either you'll face down as if you want to pick up something or as If you wanna clean your shoe.

The question is, have you ever encounter such imagination before? Or are you the one affected directly? If yes, then, you will clearly understand the cause as Mouth odour or bad breath medically known as "Halitosis". Having realized the issue, let's look into the causes and remedy.


​- Regular slapping: Many parents and guardians do slap their child or ward in the cheek instead of flogging. Please dear parents and guardians, do you guys know that such act do have aftereffect? The aftereffect is too bad because, it causes mouth odour.

  • Food consumption: consuming certain foods containing onion, garlic, and spices can easily cause bad breath because after eating, once digested, enters our lungs through bloodstream thereby causing bad breath.

  • Gum disease: Gum disease is another remarkable source of mouth odour. Smoking and the use of tobacco orally contributes to it.

  • Lack of dental hygiene: After eating, at times, food particles do remain in the teeth. If not brushed, forms periodontitis between the teeth and gum which in turn gives birth to foul smell. More to that, our tongue is another cause of bad breath because it attracts odour causing bacterias.

  • Xerostomia: This is a condition whereby the mouth stops producing saliva. Remember, saliva helps to cleans our mouth. Therefore, whenever there is a decrease of saliva production or dry mouth, it leads to mouth odour. That's why most people do experience bad breath after sleeping especially if they opened their mouth while sleeping.

  • Mouth infection: Tooth decay, tooth extraction and mouth sores contributes to bad breath. Also, nose and throat infections (chronic inflammation) causes bad breath.

Having seen all the above mentioned causes of mouth odour (bad breath), let's look for ways to prevent it.

Preventive measures

  • Avoid slapping your baby in the cheek

  • Wash your teeth twice daily.

  • If possible, always use any tooth paste containing aloe Vera gel

  • Form the habit of closing your mouth when sleeping.

  • If you did an oral surgery like tooth removal, always wash the wound and make sure you removes any plague (food particles) on it.

  • Make sure to wash your tongue regularly or on daily basis with either aloe Vera content products or with peppermint content toothpastes like the one below 👇


If you have tried all the above suggestions and all proved futile, then, do this: Slice open an aloe Vera leaf, use the gel to wash your mouth and also consume some.

16707062794675705731969175279807.jpgaloe Vera plant

Believe me, as far as there is no internal hidden infection causing it, Halitosis will disappear and then, you will be free to communicate with people, make friends, save money instead of buying chewing mints and mouth sprays, save you self esteem, your relationship with your partner and so forth.

I @marajah is wishing you sweet breath instead of bad breath from now on. Do have a lovely day ahead.

Disclaimer: All the above preventive measures are all nothing but suggestions. I can't decide for you. Also, don't fail to meet your physician for proper health care. Thanks for understanding.


Make sure to wash your tongue regularly

A good way to clean the tongue is to brush it with one's tooth brush.

Some people think that Vitamin D3 and K2 can help improve oral health.


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Is the regular slapping for me thank JEHOVAH I don't have mouth odor because I collected a good amount of slap when I was younger, I also agree with you dental hygiene is very important to have a fresh mouth odor