Vitamin C and the Eye

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I do hope you are all doing well and having a great time. The days seem not to be moving however it is going and very soon the festivities will be at our doorstep, many places in the UK have started experiencing snow now and soon the world will join in the celebrations.


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I am here again as usual to have discussions with you about our ocular health, some common conditions that afflict us and how best we can go about them when they happen, some keys that may give us indications as to what is wrong and how best we can help our healthcare providers in helping us. I do hope that you enjoy the read.


Food is essential to our growth and our daily development, it is not something we can leave without for long, it is almost as essential as water and so what we take is very much important. A balanced diet means ensuring that you have all the nutrients recommended to stay healthy and live healthily.

Unfortunately, most people are only concerned with bodybuilding and energy-giving food, we focus on carbohydrates and proteins neglecting the vitamins and minerals just because they are not needed in large quantities in the body. But we forget that their insufficiency can cause a whole lot of issues for us without even realizing it.


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Some of these downsides do not even happen right away and could have a lasting impact on our general well-being and the various organ systems that we may wish we had noticed. Vitamins and Minerals are the basic protective blocks when it comes to our health, the health of our cells, their proper function, our immunity, and a whole lot more.

Today we will look at one of the water water-soluble, vitamin c also referred to as ascorbic acid, and how it relates to our ocular health. This is a popular one and so I am certain that even now you have lots of ideas running through your head. Let's see the ones you may already know and learn what you may not have known.

Vitamin C and the Eye

Vitamin c is popularly known for its healing abilities, most households would recommend it for their wards when they get injured and tend to be healing from an injury, surgery, etc. Most people take fruits mainly because of vitamin c and that's a very good thing because even though their focus may be on vitamin c they end up benefiting from the others also.

When it comes to the eye, vitamin c is perhaps the most potent and important anti-oxidant out there because of the function it does for the eye. Aside from the known healing processes, it also helps clear or neutralize the free radicals that are found in the eye as the result of the high metabolic activities that the cells of the eye especially the retina undergo.


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This helps enables lutein and zeaxanthin to be able to function accordingly in maintaining the integrity of the macular for healthy vision. It also helps the crystallin lens maintain its clarity through life and thus reducing the development or progression of cataracts. Research even suggests that those who maintain good levels of vitamin c in their system throughout their lifetime do not develop a cataract.

For diabetics, it does a lot of work in helping with sorbitol production which facilitate the progression and development of cataract. Thus said, I would advise that whiles taking vitamin c supplementation are ok that we rather take more fruits that are rich in the vitamin so we can benefit from others also. The fibers from these fruits also help with gastric motility which is good for your digestive system.


Vitamin C is definitely one to be recommended in all cases, it's great for your immune system as well as the various organ systems within the body, you may not have to battle with some conditions if you take in fruits and vegetables regularly.


Fruits known to be rich in vitamin C are mostly colorful like orange, tangerine, etc. That said most fruits are filled with so do not worry about that, again, don't forget to add green leafy vegetables, it is always good to balance everything out.

Remember to stay healthy, eat healthily, and have regular eye checkups. Early detection saves lives when I doubt consult a professional. Love your eye. Thanks for your time and for reading. Best of luck to you.

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This is a lecture for everyone as it states the importance of vitamin c to the health of an individual and not just for those with ocular diseases. thanks for giving us this wonderful piece❤️❤️

Thank you too for taking your time to read, I’m grateful

you're welcome

The importance of vitamin C to health and protection against diseases cannot be over emphasised. Personally, I make sure that I take enough of it at all times. I source them through fruits and vitamin C tablets and syrups.

Indeed, you are doing great and thus definitely a lifestyle to recommend, thanks for reading and for your contribution, it is very much appreciated

When we think in the eye, we think more about vitamin A , but of course other vitamins are also important


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