Quantum space without borders

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Hello everyone in the world of #stemsocial for this occasion I will talk to you about quantum space, we know it exists but we do not see it, that is why it is paramount importance based on physical declarative science, that is because thanks to the contribution, where it is mentioned quantum was created in the year 1900, with the aim of quantum theory by the German physicist Max Planck (1858-1947), to give to explicaba that in a dark body radiation is measured by the amount of light, everything is founded with the force and energy, as it makes its jump in space and time, on the other hand it gave continuity adding more value to this fair achieving another more famous theory, which is the quantum theory was reinforced in 1905 by the physicist Albert Einstein, when he defined the theory of spatial relativity.

Physics addresses large study in quantum space by the phenomena occurring in it, detailing how it is composed of atoms, which in turn this are formed by a central nucleus surrounded by electrons that revolve around it, is very fascinating world, within the science of physics there is a branch of study, which is the mechanics focuses on studying and testing everything that has to do with theory of the microscopic world, well be the physics of molecules, atoms and subatomic particles, beyond a scientific philosophy is also nanalizar the way the way in which quantum systems interact with each other, as part of a physical phenomenon.

That is why when we speak of quantum we know that it has to do with the theory that has to do with the emission and discontinuous absorption of energy in the microscopic world, eventually managed to define the atomic quantum numbers, such notations proposed by Bohr to determine the disposition of an atom. Another contribution to explain the equivalence principle, the quantization method is used is very similar to that used in flat space-time.

.In the simplest case of a scalar field, we postulate an operator ø (x), which verifies the Klein-Gordon equation:


Otra teoría dentro del mundo y el espacio cuantico es efecto Unruh o también efecto Fulling-Davies-Unruh, gracias a el nos trata de predicir que un observador acelerado medirá una radiación de cuerpo negro, lo más importante es que se asume que, donde un observador inercial no mediría ninguna, el cual se considera que un observador en reposo, este puede manifestarse en el llamado baño térmico de
Another theory within the quantum world and space is Unruh effect or also Fulling-Davies-Unruh effect, thanks to it we try to predict that an accelerated observer will measure a black body radiation, most importantly it is assumed that, where an inertial observer would not measure any, which is considered that an observer at rest, this can manifest itself in the so-called thermal bath of temperature, which is not zero for the accelerated observer, it is also assumed energy in space and time, physics how much serves as a basis to explain part of the physical phenomena in the universe and celestial bodies.