Cancer As A Deadly Sickness, Types, Causes, Treatment And How To Avoid It

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There are many health challenges which we humans face everyday, while some are not much of a life threatening health challenge, because of the discovery of an effective medication to them resulting to permanent cure, sustainability and comfort some are dreadful because there's no cure to them and so here we will be learning about one of such here which is cancer.

What is Cancer?

It is of great importance to note that Cancer occurs as a result of transformation in the bodily cells so that instead of growing the normal way as it should, it starts growing abnormally in a very rapid way and this what we call mutation.

It starts when abnormal cells divide rapidly so that it can spread to other tissues or organs within the body.
Cancer is currently one of the leading causes of death of human beings through out the world today.
Due to the fast growth of the abnormal cells leading to cancer within the body,
it brings about swellings in that section of the body that is affected and the swelling is what is called tumor, this tumor can be seen with the naked eyes when it starts growing bigger and bigger.

Causes of Cancer

One of the major causes of cancer throughout the world is the change in a humans DNA which is also known as genetic mutation of cells within the body and this undeniably can be caused due to following factors.

For instance,
Environmental factors: this is one the external factors that leads to cancer due to exposure after birth as the skin of a new born feels more lighter and softer when touched, so can radiation from sunlight and radioactive instruments penetrate their skin more easily because it is not thick layered.
This environmental factor can also be called carcinogen as an external factor.

There are many different (carcinogen) external factors which have the potential of causing cancer, they include:

  1. Physical factors: which includes the radiation caused by the Ultraviolet light from the sunlight that you and I know and enjoy sometimes.

  2. Biological factor: like parasites, bacteria and viruses.

  3. Chemical factors: like using asbestos, eating contaminated food substances, smoking tobacco, taking alcoholic drinks and staying in an environment of contaminated Air.

It can also be caused as a result of low consumption of vegetables, eating of red meats, lack of physical exercises and as well poor intake of fruits. These can lead to mortality as a result of cancer.

Types of cancer:

There exist different types of cancer and this brought about their naming in accordance to where they are detected on the body.
Take for instance there are Leukemia which is the cancer of the bone marrow where blood cells are produced within the body, there are cancer of the lungs, cancer of the breast, brain cancer, skin cancer, bladder cancer, ear cancer, spleen cancer, cervix cancer, appendix cancer, cancer of the breast, myeloma, prostate cancer, colon cancer, lip cancer, liver cancer, oral cancer etc. It all depends on where it was located to be growing on.

Early detection of cancer and it's importance:

This is where the major concern lies, gaining crucial knowledge on how this deadly disease can be eradicated is a good thing to be knowledgeable of. Because as it is said knowledge is power.
It is very important to know that early detection helps because it improve the success rate of saving a patient. Early detection is when cancer is found at the early stage to start receiving good medical procedures immediately.

There are certain symptoms which can help in early detection, this may include skin dryness, dryness or redness of the skin and an unusual pain or itching on a part of the body or swellings.
Going for screening is adviceable when a symptom occurs, the reason for that is that at an early stage of a cancerous cell, cancer can be entirely removed from the body through operation.

Early detection helps to reduce the death rate of people with cancer. There are a number of instruments which can be used to achieve this. For example, the use of mammogram for screening. mammogram can serve effectively in screening for breast cancer.


Cancer treatment

There are a number of ways by which cancer can be treated depending on the type of cancer and the level of its growth. It can be achieved through the following ways:

  1. Local therapy: this is a form of cancer treatment which is involves spotting out the effected area of the body where the cancer is growing and using treatments like local radiation therapy and surgery when necessary to administer healing.

  2. Systematic treatment: in this kind of treatment the use of drugs is involved like in chemotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapy.
    These kind of treatment is very effective because it circulates to the whole body.

  3. Palliative treatment: this is the kind of aid given to a cancer patient to help him get relived of some of the it's symptoms.

Other forms of treatment could be administered to a cancer patient includes: bone marrow transplant, Clinic trial and hormonotherapy etc.

Cancer Prevention:

Understanding the agents that contribute to cancer development and growth can help one to stay safe from the factors that could bring it about. The prevention technics that could help one stay cancer free includes:

  1. Reduction in the intake of over processed foods, canned food items, this is because many of them contains powerful agents of high powerful preservatives which can be very harmful to the body. Imagine a chemical preservative that can make milk that is naturally supposed to spoil within a week to last for a whole year and let's not forget that we're only allowed to know the good sides of some chemicals used as food preservatives and in food processing but we are not always informed of its after effects.

  2. While a fish or meat is supposed to last for a day before spoiling, certain foods preservatives makes it to last for a year and still look fresh. Imagine consuming a food that contains such food additive and it settles in one part of your body and the active ingredient in this food additive makes some cells and organs within your body to not be aging as other organs of your body is aging with time or it hinders a certain level of oxygen from entering through them as it could be part of its function of preserving things. Don't you notice there will be trouble over time if it accumulates more due to more consumption of such foods and as the active ingredient of the additive or preservative remains active.

This powerful preservatives as these used in canned and processed foods can work against the cells within the body and may lead to risk of getting cancer.

  1. It is important to maintain regular body exercises.

  2. Protect yourself against direct exposure to sunlight and occupational radiation in radioactive factories.

  3. Eating enough proteinous foods, green vegetables and organic foods are good and help prevents cancer.

  4. One should always try to get vaccinated against bacteria and viruses when they get infected

  5. Maintaining a moderate body weight is of great importance too to help wardoff cancer.

  6. Avoiding tobacco smoke could help one live longer.

Cancer has a serious threat to the lives of of more than a million people around the world already.
It is of crucial benefit if we can start now to take good care of ourselves and follow the cancer preventive measure I enlisted in cancer prevention.

Always remember the famous saying,”health is wealth”. If we don't take care of ourselves now and pay more attention to other things in life, a time may come when we may have all we want but not the sound health to enjoy them, But that won't be our portion, so let us do the best we know can to help ourselves and God will help us too, So that together we may will live long to see our children's children which is also a blessing and will bring joy and happiness if we live to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Thank you very much for taking your precious time to read through my article. May you be highly favored this 2024.



Cancer is a terrible thing leading to a large number of deaths consistently, early detection is what helps save lots of life from death.